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Customer Service Buffalo Blower (New York) manufactures and supplies multi-stage high pressure fans / blowers. These are used in the mineral processing and chemical industries where there is a need to supply relatively small flows at high pressure. These blowers incorporate fully fabricated impellers and casings, so enabling an extremely wide range of readily welded materials to be considered for construction. They are directly coupled to two pole induction motors and provide a cost effective and quieter alternative to positive displacement blowers. The complete blower assembly and drive motor are mounted on a single integral base to make transport and installation easier. Maintenance is straightforward and no special skills are required other than those normally associated with fan servicing. High pressure blowers for use in flotation cells, waste water treatment, fluidisation and combustion duties are designed by Buffalo Blower (New York). Buffalo Blower (New York) serves utility and industrial markets worldwide. Wherever large quantities of air need to be moved, or difficult gases compressed, Buffalo Blower (New York) provides the equipment, backed up by extensive applications experience, and the services to ensure optimum operation over the lifetime of the plant. High pressure blowers for the power industry are used not only for boiler draught but also for emissions control and for the nuclear sector. For the heavy process industries such as iron and steel, cement, petrochemicals and mineral processing, the high pressure blower for process critical applications able to meet the most arduous demands. Buffalo Blower (New York) serve those industries where large-scale ventilation is crucial; providing fans for mining and tunnel ventilation. For the exploitation and processing of oil and gas, our compressors, blowers and fans are used in many specialised and niche applications. Among the environmental industries seved are wastewater treatment and dust control, through much of the high pressure blowers supplied elsewhere is for environmental applications. Buffalo Blower (New York) adapt our fan designs to meet the precise needs of manufacturers (OEMs) in the transport and defence sectors, and manufacturers of other plant such as roadsweepers; also being active in virtually every industry requiring gas compression or movement of process air, dirty or otherwise. Power generation demands the highest levels of performance and reliability. Buffalo Blower (New York) fans and blowers are no exception to this, operating at peak performance for years between outages. Having been part of the power generation industry since its inception, Buffalo Blower (New York) has supplied over 10,000 boiler draught blowers in over 40 countries making it a leading supplier of air handling products to the industry. Buffalo Blower (New York) high pressure blowers play their part in moving air and gas, reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions in all major processes found in the power generation industry, including: " boiler draught fans (forced draught, induced draught, primary air and gas recirculation fans). " cooling fans for large cooling towers or packaged cooling systems. " booster fans (wet or dry booster fans). " forced oxidation blowers or turbo-compressors. " fan refurbishment or replacement. " cooling fans for mechanical draught cooling towers. " fans for auxiliary and supplementary firing in heat recovery steam generators. For additional information please refer to .ventilating.com/products/industrialfan_blowers.html Oleg Tchechel Designer of Industrial Ventilation Machinery Ventilating Fan Co. [email protected] .ventilating.com/company.html .ventilating../products/index.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: