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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews When shelling out the extra dough for a true all in one printer, one would expect results, and the Brother MFC-6800 delivers as a professional level, multifunctioning product. One of the most noticeable features of the printer, first off, is the dual access capability. Dual access allows you to scan your next fax even while youre receiving one, which is made possible by the 8 MBs of system memory. Having the convenience of dual access is a must for busy office scenarios where multiple users require the use of the same machine simultaneously. The flatbed design will have you scanning up to 9600 dot per inch high quality photos and documents with the ease of an industrial grade copy machine. Utilizing flatbed glass allows the user not only to copy standard sized documents, but also to copy and even enlarge or shrink pages from open faced books or full sized magazines. Keep in mind however that though the scan quality is extremely high, you will only be able to reproduce at the printers maximum print quality of 600 X 600 dots per inch. Or, you can choose to use the dedicated Scan to button to send your image directly from the printer to places like your desktop or an e mail. If you have multiple documents on letter or legal sized paper that need to be reproduced, the 30 page automatic document feeder will be of assistance. The auto feed allows the user to load a stack of paper for the printer to rifle through automatically when sending mass faxes, or making multiple prints or copies, and paper shortages will be rare thanks to the hefty 200 sheet paper tray. Complex or multiple recipient faxes wont be a problem for the Brother MFC-6800 thanks to an array of convenient features included with the fax machine, such as a speedy 14.4 Kilobyte per second modem, and 100 station auto dialing that, combined with 150 location broadcasting, allows you to send out a duplicate fax to multiple numbers without the hassle of having to rescan for each recipient. Store up to 500 pages in the system memory using the Super Quick Scan technology that can scan a page in three seconds, and print your work at a competitive rate of 10 pages per minute. Full integration with your PC is a key feature of the MFC-6800. The PC fax driver allows you to use your printer from your desktop with any program compatible with Twain. This, in turn, gives the user the convenience of scanning, faxing, or copying with complete control from ones computer, making transferring, editing, and then sending information easier than ever. If using the PC controls is more than your workload demands, Brother has equipped the unit with an assortment of dedicated buttons and a key pad, for those who like to do it the old fashioned way. For the office that requires an all in one piece of hardware with a full range of capabilities, the Brother MFC-6800 is at least a unit that shouldnt be ignored, especially for those businesses with medium to light workloads. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: