Brother and sister sister brother because of economic disputes to self Immolation onslaught (video)-tonya mitchell

Brother and sister sister brother because of economic disputes to "self Immolation" forced a caring uninvited, brothers and sisters will always care for each other; there is a tacit understanding can not be replaced, brothers and sisters heart to heart; there is a yearning for you, brothers and sisters often in the blood is thicker than water. However, in Yangzhou the siblings, but because of an economic dispute, sister went to his brother home to "self immolation"! A review of November 17th at noon, Aunt Wang West to watch TV at home, sister Linda son-in-law suddenly to find his brother, because the son was not at home, Aunt Wang let Linda sit down etc.. The Aunt Wang tea back upstairs, in front of the scene so frightened aunt wang! Linda took two bottles directly poured into his body, while pouring shouted: you all don’t come, I want to "self immolation"! Aunt Wang said, after Linda and finished gasoline, sitting in a chair on the balcony, silent, hands tightly clutching a lighter, seeing in critical condition, Aunt Wang quickly while contact Linda’s father, he dialed 110. According to Linda father said, three years ago, his son to do business with the younger sister Linda borrowed 30 thousand dollars, because two people are siblings, there is no specific time is what money agreed, only a verbal commitment to the money will return. Over the past 3 years, many times to the sister brother for money, but each brother for various reasons to shirk, a long time, and the relationship becomes worse. The difference of tens of thousands of dollars, do not trouble and to "self Immolation onslaught, Linda said Dad, daughter recently divorced, a person with 6 children, the economic situation is not very good, plus the money thing, so all of a sudden impulse. See, sister Linda did not really want to die, you want to push my brother out of money. After the police Quanzhu Linda, patiently comfort her, while linked to Linda’s brother, brother also promised, will immediately coordinate together to go to the police station, but Linda still refused to go. After everyone’s persuasion, Linda mood temporarily stabilized, she also together with the police to the police station for investigation, the case for further processing. It is a pair of siblings, take care of each other, because the love each other, make to the degree of self Immolation, really not ah! The siblings out afterwards, hoping the brother earlier put the money back, after all, the economic situation is not very good sister! Expand the video: has nothing to do with the original couple broke up because of economic disputes between man angry ex girlfriend nude

亲兄妹因经济纠纷 妹妹跑到哥哥家“自焚”相逼 有一种关心不请自来,兄弟姐妹永远相互关怀;有一种默契无可取代,兄弟姐妹心有灵犀一点通;有一种思念因你存在,兄弟姐妹血浓于水情常在。但是,扬州的这对亲兄妹,却因为一点经济纠纷,亲妹妹跑到哥哥家要“自焚”!事件回顾11月17日中午,西区的王大妈在家看电视,女婿的妹妹小玲突然来找哥哥,因为女婿不在家,王大妈让小玲坐下来等。就在王大妈倒茶回到楼上时,眼前的一幕让王大妈吓坏了!小玲拿着两瓶东西直接往自己身上浇,一边浇一边喊:你们都别过来,我要“自焚”!王大妈说,小玲撒完汽油以后,就坐在阳台的椅子上,一声不吭,手里紧紧的攥着打火机,眼看情况危急,王大妈赶紧一边联系小玲的父亲,一边拨打了110。据小玲父亲说,三年前,儿子要做生意,就跟妹妹小玲借了3万块钱,因为两人是亲兄妹,也就没有约定钱具体什么时候还,只是口头承诺了有钱就会还。3年过去了,妹妹多次向哥哥要钱,但每次哥哥都以各种理由推脱,时间长了,兄妹的关系变得越来越差。差了几万块钱,兄妹之间也不至于闹成要“自焚”相逼,小玲爸爸说,女儿前一阵子离了婚,一个人带着6岁的孩子,经济状况也不是很好,再加上这个差钱的事情,所以一下子冲动了。看的出来,妹妹小玲也不是真想死,就想逼哥哥出来还钱。民警劝住了小玲之后,一边耐心的安抚她,一边联系到了小玲的哥哥,哥哥也答应,马上会去派出所一起协调处理,但是小玲仍旧不肯走。最后在大家的劝导下,小玲的情绪暂时稳定了,她也配合民警一起到派出所接受调查,目前案件在进一步处理当中。本来是一对亲兄妹,本因互相照顾、互相关爱,闹到要自焚的程度,真的不至于啊!亲兄妹明算账,希望这位哥哥早点把钱还了,毕竟妹妹的经济情况也不是太好! 拓展视频:与原文无关 分手情侣因经济纠纷起冲突 男子怒发前女友裸照相关的主题文章: