Biography Microsoft surface integrated machine on October release Code cardinal candle june

Biography Microsoft Surface integrated machine on October release: Code Cardinal had more news that Microsoft Surface machine will be released in the fall of this year, the specific time may be in October. Now, according to foreign media ZDNet Mary Jo Foley, a well-known editor broke the news, Microsoft Surface one machine codenamed "Cardinal", will be released in October 26th in New York, Microsoft Surface machine positioning your desktop into a studio. Mary Jo Foley also said that the flagship mobile phone Surface Phone will not be Surface machine appeared on the same stage. Microsoft Surface machine code: Cardinal released in October and earlier media ZDNet also said, reliable sources said that Microsoft has happened in the week of October 26th, or 2016 held a new conference in the fall. At the same time, ZDNet pointed out that in 2016 there will be no Microsoft Surface 3 notebook and Microsoft Bracelet any hardware upgrade of the, but there will be a number of third party OEM vendor Win10 devices released. Microsoft Surface machine code: Cardinal also released in October before the date on a Microsoft modular computer folding design patent appearance, again suggesting the possibility of the introduction of Surface machine. Allegedly, Microsoft Surface integrated desktop computer may have three dimensions, the modular design, equipped with Intel has just released the seventh generation Kaby Lake processor, preloaded with the latest Win10 RS1 official version of the system, mainly for high-end enterprise market launch, open competition with Apple’s iMac.相关的主题文章: