Big mistake! This is not far away from the engine to clean the throttle (video)

Big mistake! This cleaning solar term door of engine not far from scrap automobile air conditioning when cleaning the solar term door, as the more commonly used maintenance projects, many 4S stores are included in the routine maintenance on the inside, so the solar term door cleaning, the owner should be very familiar with, but not familiar with a clear, it is likely that your solar term the door had been "abused" without knowing it too. Why do you say that? Because the solar term door cleaning, after the market does exist a more "unscrupulous", "cruel" cleaning measures, and this situation is more common. So you may wish to recall. Before the start of a simple popularization of basic knowledge of the throttle. The throttle valve is connected with the air filter and the lower cylinder block is a controllable valve for controlling the air intake of the engine. In other words, throttle that throttle, we step on the accelerator, the control is actually the engine intake. Carburetor cleaning: cleaning solar term door for cleaning agent, combustible, the market price of 10 yuan a bottle. First remove the air filter that sets off the throttle (when the throttle is completely exposed to air). Then start the engine oil to 3000 rpm, and throttle to spray carburetor cleaner. Finally, the cleaning is completed, the engine failure code is removed, and the cleaning is completed. Big mistake! Cleaning the throttle does not need to start the engine! We describe the state: start the engine after the unfiltered air directly into the solar term door, carburetor cleaning agent and cleaning down the sludge directly into the combustion in engine. High speed, the engine will appear serious jitter, knock, high water temperature, black smoke, and other circumstances, and may even serious cylinder wear. These problems can not be solved by removing the fault code. This cleaning method, will cause serious damage to the engine, imagine, if there is sand particles into the cylinder, the cylinder wear is inevitable. At present, this cleaning method in the outside is not very regular repair shop is more common, so if you see your car is suffering from this kind of torture, do not hesitate to stop it. The correct posture of the normal cleaning solar term door cleaning solar term door, divided into two kinds of wash and cleaning, but in fact are the same, cleaning is removed, but not removed. So there is no need to tangle the concept. Washable: refers to the entire solar term door removed, cleaned and then put back, this is the most efficient way (some solar term down door design, so in order to achieve a better cleaning effect must be removed). Free cleaning: do not need to remove the entire throttle, simply open the air inlet into the exposed throttle. In this case, as long as a little careful cleaning, proper methods (with a wet cleaning agent to clean cloth, do not directly spray cleaning agent, so as to avoid the sludge into the engine), the solar term door sludge can be cleaned very clean. Also to note is that there are many owners reflect, they used the "solar term door cleaning cleaning way to hit the bottle. But we want to say is that the so-called "hit the bottle cleaning, the cleaning of the pressure is not but the solar term door cleaning inlet, nozzle and other projects, can be said that there is a relationship with the solar term door, so don’t be fooled. Cleaning solar term door does not exist "hit the bottle cleaning.相关的主题文章: