Bezos’s blue origin rocket will fly again next week the main test escape system

Bezos’s blue origin rocket next week will fly again: the main test system [TechWeb] reported escape on September 30th news, according to foreign media reports, Amazon CEO Geoff · Bezos (Jeff Bezos) blue origin’s private Aerospace Corp announced on Thursday, will be next week again to launch a rocket, "crew escape system main test rocket". The blue origin of the New Shepard rocket blue origin announced on Thursday by Twitter, will be in the eastern United States at 10:50 on October 4th (Beijing time on October 4th 22:50 points) to perform the next New Shepard rocket launch mission. Blue origin company spokesman said the launch of the main task of detection of New Shepard rocket crew escape system, testing the New Shepard response in an emergency situation, when the blue origin live coverage of the launch process. The launch of the NewShepard rocket cabin crew by booster and top, 45 seconds after launch, the passenger compartment below the ignition engine, the passenger compartment and the rocket body separation, then pop the parachute, the crew capsule landed safely. New Shepard rocket cabin crew hope some day in the future can be blue origin paying passengers into space, which means that the needs of all kinds of accidents to deal with the rocket during launch, members of this test are vital to escape system. Blue origin had four successful recovery of the rocket, this time will still launch rocket but Bezos expects the recovery, the Rockets could be damaged, it is difficult to recover, but if successful recovery will be placed in the museum.相关的主题文章: