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1 quarters of the neighborhood between the loss of nearly 4 yuan in cash stolen original title: a night of nearly $4 stolen loss of wake up, we have a few households in the District home was stolen……" The early morning of November 8th, the District of Xianyang City, Kim Silk Road Flower District 4 households garden theft, the owner suddenly plunged into panic. Thieves steal cash and mobile phone in the morning to find a bag, but found that the three packages are open to be thrown in the kitchen." The stolen owners Ms. Wang said, she lives in the District Garden Building 3, unit 2, 8 on the morning of 6 pm, she got up for breakfast, but accidentally saw in the kitchen, a bag originally put in the hall on the shoe was thrown in all kitchen tiles. The wallet bank card, ID card and so on, more than 2500 yuan in cash but then she would take wings to itself, to the Xianyang City Public Security Bureau police station Bureau Qin Chen Yang zhai. "I thought my family was a thief, and I didn’t think the 4 were stolen."." Garden Building 6, a unit of Ms. sun home also in the theft. Ms. Sun said she lived in the 1 floor, at about 9 am to find the home into a thief, some time ago just bought an Apple phone and more than $900 in cash stolen. It is understood that, in addition to Ms. Wang and Ms. sun outside the park, there are two residents were thieves "patronize", among them, building 4, Ms. Zhou home 3000 yuan in cash and a Samsung mobile phone stolen, 1 building owners also lost more than 200 yuan in cash. Two o’clock in the morning, I heard the electric car alarm downstairs has been ringing, it is estimated that the thief will be burglary." Ms. Zhou said. Residents speculated that the thief is climbing up the Silk Road Jintai Huacheng garden pipeline most residential buildings is not installed anti-theft window, 4 households and the stolen is not installed anti-theft window. Theft door household home is not pry marks, the owners have speculated that the thief should climb from the unit gate, along the gas pipeline on the wall into the room to steal, because residents sleep at night will open the kitchen window, this also let the thief by the organic. China Daily reporter on the scene saw the residential buildings in the park side, a natural gas pipeline installed on the wall of orange, fixed on the wall by the bolt and the iron bracket, along the pipeline can enter the two floor tenants home. Monitoring the normal use of the dead can not cover overnight 4 households were stolen, many of the stolen property owners will be directed to the residential property management. "We pay property charges, but the personal and property safety is not guaranteed, one night the thief stole so much home, property responsibility." Wang said the owner of stolen property owners. The function of the property is to maintain the normal life order." The Silk Road Jintai Huacheng property service center staff said, because of the natural gas pipeline design by natural gas company and the unified construction and installation, which belongs to the special pipe, thus unable to install attachments. Currently, there is only one area of the park in the pipe equipped with anti climbing thorns, for this situation, they will continue to negotiate and negotiate with the gas company. In addition, the district every day in the regular patrols, monitoring in addition to dead ends, the main road, entrances and exits can be covered, and theft is due to the residents themselves did not do a good job of anti-theft measures相关的主题文章: