Benefits Of Using Big Data

.puters-and-Technology Technology having paved the way for growth in business and expansions to newer markets, has given the enterprises a vast customer base along with large number of vendors, partners and stakeholders. Further, these billions of individuals functioning through a technology centered environment makes use of a number of .puting devices from simple desktops to server, to laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices. Moreover, the technology products used across the industries also create data and content. All this together brings in an exponential growth in data volume. However, to gain valuable insights, predict future and find new business opportunities from this data, enterprises need to gather, classify, analyze these data. Further, the wide use of social networking sites, sensor networks and internet search also add to the volume of unstructured data. With the digital information expected to increase up to 35 trillion gigabytes, enterprises are challenged to process this big data to be used across their business. While the content engineering teams works with the largely unstructured data from web content, social media and internet searches to organize them into a structured format, big data analytics adds to produce knowledge for the end-users and customers. Big data analytic is a process that examines the vast volumes of various types of data and uncovers hidden patterns and correlations to provide enterprises with knowledge that can help them with informed decision making to improve their marketing strategies for increased revenue and better business. For big data analytics, data scientists make use software tools that are .monly used as part of predictive analytics and data mining to work on large volumes of data transacted through various websites and media and which are untapped by the conventional business intelligence programs. However, since the traditional data warehouses not being able to handle the large scale processing demands of unstructured data sources, new technologies have emerged as an open source software framework that can support the processing of clustered data. However, launching a successful big data analytics initiative requires system planning, generous business-user involvement and a distinct deployment strategy. The leading product development service provider with their deep domain expertise and cross-industry experience have helped enterprises to gain business insights through open source technologies which enable big data analytics. Further, leveraging on big data and cloud, these leading service providers helps enterprises architect, develop and deploy products and services. Provision of the big data analytic software and the cloud helps enterprises to .bine the skills and market knowledge to exploit new technologies for a profit oriented business growth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: