Beloved of the gods of Olympus endless God domain four occupation exposure superrecovery

Beloved of the gods of Olympus endless God domain four occupation exposure of the sky to write poetry, open to god. NetEase since the study of Homer Epic Fantasy MMORPG hand travel endless God field drawn from Greek mythology and Homer epic, the real reduction of Aegean Sea style. Game player will play with the Godhead adventurers in the game, a legendary epic, gradually uncover hidden in the heavy fog in the plot, emerge in the battle of the gods! In the game, game player can play a different belief in gods, from different city of the four epic hero, or they are strong fighters, or clever hunter, or mysterious mage, each one has his good points distinctive. But they are beloved of the gods of Olympus! "Endless" domain of God four occupation characteristic, different gods darling, what is your favorite occupation? For more details, please pay attention to our official website (official) and QQ (559633172). On the endless God field endless God domain is a NetEase from the study of the Homa epic modeled MMORPG hand travel, the story stems from the era of ancient Greece and the, 1:1 to restore the reality of Athens heyday. Four epic heroes, dozens of super map, the top twenty-one systems, the play of the forty-five, the main task of the three hundred hours, the task of the twenty-five lines. God of the original game system, open MMO real-time strategy battle precedent. Real time team combat, get the ultimate fighting pleasure. Team, family, chivalrous play, voice of friends, community construction, reducing end tour MMO smooth cool experience! The official website of the game: the game official micro signal: wujinshenyu (endless God domain) game official QQ group: 559633172相关的主题文章: