Beijing exam from the online registration of more than half of the job can be reported to the new –

Beijing exam from the online registration of more than half of the position of the students can be reported – Beijing news (reporter Dai Lili) 2017 civil service examination will begin online registration tomorrow. The latest position table shows, the examination of a total of 2136 jobs, plan Zhaolu 5022 people, compared with 2016 a small decline, in addition to the normal position, there are many special positions and special recruiting people, such as the 2017 expiration of the service college-graduate village official and other grass-roots staff, in 2017 the service period of college students retired soldiers and disabled people also, in addition, plan Zhaolu 400 selected graduates. Public education research and counseling expert Li Qian analysis said that in the past 5 years, the Beijing civil service examination in 2016 recruiting 6857 people, reached a peak in 2016 before the stable at around three thousand, which also shows that with the gradual progress and accelerate the integration of Beijing, the capital construction, the demand for civil servants and the corresponding increase. The recruiting plan covers the party, government, and other types of law system, administrative authorities Zhaolu 2731 people, accounting for 54.38% of the total number, recruiting 1245 jobs, accounting for the total number of jobs 58.29%, close to 60%, compared with 2016, accounted for slightly decreased ratio; followed by the management of the civil service law, the position accounted for 26.12%. Compared with 2016 fell slightly, and the total number of this decline is related to. While the number of recruiting comes up to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, 21 jobs Zhaolu 574 people. Li Qian said, the Beijing exam degree threshold is not high, bachelor degree is still the mainstay of this recruiting, 1782 undergraduate students can apply for jobs, the total number of jobs 83.43%, college degree can be reported to the position also has 243, 14 higher than in 2016, the total number of jobs accounted for 11.38%, only 4 a job requires doctoral students, and in 2016 only 1 requirements PhD, indicating that the Beijing test of a high degree of talent demand is increasing, the 4 position from the Beijing City Local Taxation Bureau, Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Beijing Olympic Park Management Committee, requirements of finance, economics and law related majors. Meet the conditions of the doctoral students can consider the key. This recruiting demanded only 2017 graduates can apply for the position of 716, does not limit the grass-roots work experience positions 427, graduating students can apply for these positions, the total number of jobs 53.51%, require two years working experience at the grass-roots level of job of 654, the total number of jobs 30.62%, college-graduate village official to the calculation of their tenure is not full, some targeted recruiting college-graduate village official positions also need to have certain professional skills, such as a position of Beijing City People’s Court of Xicheng District comprehensive administrative departments in addition to the requirements of candidates is the 2017 Beijing area service expires college-graduate village official, must obtain the qualification certificate of accountant, therefore, choose the position candidates must be careful. J205相关的主题文章: