Beijing, a large truck driver killed old zebra was captured in the new network actv

Beijing, a large truck driver killed old zebra was arrested – Beijing Beijing News (reporter Wang Yu) in October 21st, an accident occurred in Haidian District Longgang road and Yongtai road intersection. An old man in the zebra, coming through the street, is a cement tanker cut down after rolling head, died on the spot. Yesterday, the traffic control department for the first time released the live video. Reporters found that the incident, the elderly or in a truck driving blind. Currently, the driver has been arrested by the police. The old man was crossing rolling on the morning of 21, friends announced that the accident occurred near the Haidian District Longgang Road, a large truck rolled by the old lady died. Friends of the picture, a man lying on the zebra crossing, the head is broken, around besmeared with blood. From the picture, there is no sign of life. In the morning, the reporter saw the incident, the incident is located at the intersection of Longgang road and Yongtai Road, the intersection of the north side of a department. Although the scene has been cleared, traffic police and medical personnel have been evacuated, but still can be identified on the zebra blood. Residents near the scene told the Beijing News reporter, when the incident, wearing a red shirt, the old man just bought food, pushing the cart ready to cross the road. The vehicle is a cement tanker, in turn knocked the elderly, and rolling. Subsequently, the cement tanker did not stop, but left the scene of the accident. Many nearby residents confirmed that although the incident was equipped with monitoring sections, but large trucks run rampant, often violations. The old man or a large truck area according to the Haidian police, after the accident, the traffic control department to carry out detective work immediately. 21 at 6 pm, police received the vehicle, a site in Changping found that evening at 9:30, Hebei Ji Gong also seized the driver. At present, the accident is still under investigation. Yesterday, the traffic control department for the first time released a live video monitoring. Reporters noted that the video information display, October 21st at 7:20 in the morning, Beijing City, Haidian District Longgang road and Yongtai Road intersection, cement tanker Beijing A plate from the east to the North right turn lane, a man knocked down and rolled. In the video, left the scene after the cement tanker accident. The video information display, the old man was crossing the road near the incident, just in the mirror, it is cut down, or are ready to turn the large cargo drivers driving blind." A senior Nanjing police told the Beijing News reporter, due to a large truck chassis, the body is longer, in turn, will form the visual blind spot in the vicinity of the rearview mirror, in the actual law, such frequent accident. Beijing News reporter learned that, from the beginning of September 21st, the traffic control department of Beijing has combined with the Municipal Transportation Commission, Industrial and Commercial Bureau and other departments to carry out special rectification of the truck violations, including truck overloading, remediation red light, a violation of the ban limit line driving etc.. October – more than a large truck accident death exit into the high-speed triggered car Lianzhuang 14:25 on October 12th, Jinghagaosu highway from Beijing direction, a car traveling from west to east to wangsiying exit high.相关的主题文章: