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Audi China stall: some models in the wholesale volume in September there are a number of negative Audi China stalling Economic Observer reported Liu Zhihao / Wen high cold. In October 20th, Audi September sales data in China finally appeared in the reporter in the mailbox, the title is "the first three quarters of harvest, Audi showed a good growth trend, bid farewell to the familiar Title sales to new high". This slight change, and the expression is more implicit, so that the industry felt the Audi car leader in Chinese more and more obvious weakness. Official data show that Audi brand in China in September a single month sales of 54 thousand and 200 vehicles, an increase of 3% in the first quarter of the total sales of 438 thousand and 400 cars, an increase of 6.3%. In addition to continue to maintain a low growth rate, C level car market decline lead to Audi’s growth depends more on compact market segments, both in the development of the brand or profit growth is not optimistic support. The industry sources said, including Audi A6L and A4L, including the wholesale volume of Audi domestic models in September a number of negative numbers. In addition, Audi dealers from backyard crisis triggered at any moment. In the second quarter, I heard that Zhejiang district has stopped buying 11 stores." The source said that due to financial constraints, reduced bicycle profits and subsidies to reduce the dealer’s enthusiasm has been difficult to return to the past. But there is no official channel can be found. "The news has not been spoken of." China Automobile Dealers Association, a person confirmed. At the same time, competitors are quickly approaching Audi’s leading position in China, the pursuit of the momentum is very fierce. BMW in September year-on-year growth of nearly 20% announced the "back to the high growth path," Mercedes Benz Audi to bring a greater threat, by virtue of the China market hit a single month sales of 46443 cars high, Mercedes Benz in September re boarded the returning to the global luxury car championship seats, put Audi far behind. May 2015, due to the downturn in the domestic market and models near the replacement node, Audi ended up in the Chinese market for 26 consecutive months of growth, the first decline since February 2013. 2015 full year sales, Audi appeared in China for the first time in 26 years of negative growth, down by 1.4%. These two iconic data changes, analysts believe, means that Audi is entering a new era in china. In September of that year’s Frankfurt auto show, Audi global CEO Rupert Sted had published the famous "Audi in the Chinese sales decline is not Audi’s own cause" the speech, will increase due to the plight of Audi Benz successfully copied Audi localization path with periodic fluctuation of the market. A year later, in the face of continuous decline, the industry believes that Chinese enjoys the luxury car market dividends for years Audi was in their own "defects", face up to its advantage in reality gradually weakened. "Audi has too many loopholes in china." A Audi dealer said. In product layout, system competitiveness, customer management, promotion of new energy technologies, Audi while accelerating the layout of non-stop, but competitors on相关的主题文章: