Are You An It Or .puter Programmer Who Is Not Aware Of The 3 Keys To Collecting Your Overtime

Careers-Employment Shocking, but true! Even highly paid IT and .puter Programmers in California are entitled to overtime pay under the California Overtime Law. If you are able to spare 2 to 3 minutes to read this article, you may be able to claim all of your back overtime for up to 4 years! According to California Overtime, practically every occupation in California can be eligible for overtime pay. IT (Information Technology) jobs cover a vast array of technologies and occupational functions. Due to the crucial nature of this sort of work, many individuals are required to work long hours, respond to emergency pages at all hours of the day and perform major updates during off hours—most notably weekends. California Labor Law Overtime is a right given to employees. Unfortunately, many an employer feels that offering a salary is the only thing required to IT workers. The vast majority of IT workers are actually entitled to overtime, even on a salary basis—according to California Overtime. Key One: The following duties require entitlement to overtime pay: •Troubleshooting, analyzing and resolving .plex problems with hardware, networking and business applications. •Installing, testing or configuring new .puters, applications, networks or hardware based on specific requirements. •Troubleshooting or creating network accounts (logins), as well as business application user accounts. When it .es to overtime pay, from help-desk personnel to network engineers are entitled. Key Two: Moreover, Overtime Law in California has recently declared the various IT positions as non-exempt. An IT employee is entitled to overtime pay, except he/she spends more than half the time supervising others. Not too many IT employees meet the requirements of the Executive Exemption. Key Three: When it .es to Overtime Law in California, not everyone is entitled to overtime. To be exempt, 50% of total working hours must be met on the following: •Be able to design .puter configurations. •Selecting and analyzing new technology. •Formulating management policies for security and user rights. •Negotiate with vendors to determine cost. •Consult upper management regarding IT problems. Under overtime law in California and Federal law, most IT employees are entitled to overtime. IT workers are entitled to liquidated damages for any unpaid overtime, due to the fact they are covered by federal law. In other words, they are entitled to “double damages” for unpaid overtime. California Overtime Law is not always more favorable than Federal law. The California Labor Board can’t award an individual liquidated damage. If you are an IT or .puter professional, if you are entitled to overtime pay, you may receive several hundred thousand dollars in pay from your employee due to your high salary and the 4 year statute in California. Call an overtime pay attorney now to find out! By: Kathleen Armitage About the Author: 相关的主题文章: