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India as a developing country was said to have a poor medical infrastructure in the early part of this century. But in the recent time and with growing economy the medical infrastructure has also improved .Earlier where the public spending of money in health was 0.94% of the total GDP, it has risen to 2 – 3 % in the recent times. It is quite less if .pared to other developed countries, but the medical infrastructure in the country is improving that cannot be ignored. The Government of India has planned to increase the health care allocation by two to three percent , so more ac.plishment are awaited in the .ing years .There are many new powerful innovative techniques that are .ing to the hospitals .Methods of saving life are .ing up in the leading hospitals of the country. One of the powerful evidence for the growth of Indian medical infrastructure is the medical tourism. Medical tourism is a practice in which overseas patients .es to other country for the purpose of getting a better medical facility and infrastructure. As Indian medical practice is cheap and of good quality many people from abroad are .ing to India these day. Also many Indian who went west for medical treatment claims that the Indian medical services have improved. Some of the advanced technology that country has .e up with includes Robotic surgeries, cyber knife and much more. There are no second thoughts to the fact that India has be.e the capital of medical tourism in the world. The country has some of the best manpower in terms of doctors and can provide the necessary treatment. Not only from the Indian context have the doctors of the country made had their presence felt in the major international conferences of the world. Patients who want treatments when it .es to wellness treatments which tend to be costly and are not covered by any insurance plan .e to India for treatment. Waiting lists as well as choice of physicians are some of the major problems plaguing the patients of the globe and for this precise reason the choice is India. Despite the fact that the country does not have a good medical infrastructure the Indian doctors have always been famous and known for their skills. The top Doctors in India with their innovative skills have recreated the definition medicinal infrastructure and process. But the downside is that many of Indian Doctors currently are working in United States, UK, Australia and Canada .Most of them will never return to their own country .so the country remains unmet with skilled professional .It is high time for the Indian government to realize the importance of these resources .The faster the action will be taken, the faster the results will count. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: