Apple’s earnings this year, the protagonist is not the first decline in annual performance since 200

The protagonist of Apple’s earnings, not the first time since 2000, the annual decline in performance – Sohu technology in 2016, Apple’s first annual decline in performance since 2000. Although, since the return of Jobs after the performance of apple picking up gradually, occasionally appear quarter fell, but for a full year (Apple’s fiscal quarter quarter than natural early season), 2016 is the apple in the first 15 years of the annual performance decline (below). But this Apple’s earnings protagonist, but not Apple’s historic decline. Performance setback, but the stock price high? Because of the performance in Wall Street, and is in general had expected: this fiscal year apple, the first three quarters of two season is the best achievement backwards, only hold the first quarter; so we had expected this fiscal year, Apple’s fiscal year will be a sad. But Apple’s stock price, earnings before the publication still to continue to surge in the share price before the deadline has risen to $118.25 this year high, and began to challenge them in the historical high of 2015 (pictured above). Of course, this does not completely exclude the cumulative increase in the apple season to repurchase and dividend, but as the love child norm (micro signal: iFanr Odin) editor said earlier, the market has also been longing for apple in the next fiscal year "lying sell iPhone 7". So relatively speaking, Wall Street is not too concerned about the performance of the quarter, or even this year’s performance is how to regress; we look forward to, is Apple’s performance guidelines for the next quarter (Guidance). Can break through iPhone 6 "Curse"? Love fan children (micro signal: iFanr) had as we analyze Apple second, third quarter earnings, had pointed out that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said: if you put iPhone 6S compared with 5S, iPhone will find the upgrade rate is high; but if you compared with iPhone 6, you will be completely different conclusions. This depends on what point we use to do. At that time, the love child norm (micro signal: iFanr) is mentioned in this logic, in fact, Apple’s performance in 2016 is still steadily progressive, the key is to 2015 earnings in iPhone 6 of the ring, good performance too much, the 2016 performance seems unbearable. Apple’s earnings in the quarter, although compared with 2015 is still down (above), but compared with 2014 is progress. Which is a quarter of the most delicate time, new and old machine over time, that is: so for apple this quarter, "meaning" may lie in: iPhone iPhone 6 may finally come out of the shadow of success too. What相关的主题文章: