Apple Google and other giants like Microsoft against the government’s Secret search warrant

Apple Google and other giants like Microsoft search warrant against the government’s Secret Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, apple, Google (micro-blog) and Amazon and other technology giants, publicly announced support for Microsoft, against the United States on the user mail called "secret warrant". Microsoft and its supporters believe that if consumers do not believe that their data can remain private, then the future of mobile and cloud computing will be in danger. 11 technology companies, including Google, said in a document submitted to the court on Friday that the federal law would be "a violation of fundamental rights" if it allows "a search that is far more than any necessary restrictions". The document said: "the government’s Secret search of the house is actually a tangible thing to identify, and the law is also subject to certain restrictions. But it would be quite different if the government was allowed to search for personal data stored in the cloud without notifying the account owner that his data was being investigated." Delta Airlines, British Petroleum Company’s U.S. subsidiary, the American Chamber of Commerce and other companies are also asked to join the case behind Microsoft. They said that if the right to privacy can not be protected, the benefits of cloud computing will not be achieved. Some of these companies are Microsoft customers, including Eli Lilly &, Co, GlaxoSmithKline Plc, etc.. Twitter is also considering joining the fray. The US Department of justice, the attorney general Laoruita · Lynch (Loretta Lynch) and their supporters as a "secret warrant" defense, said they need digital tools to help deal with the criminals and terrorists increasingly complex, these people are using the technology of communication and hide whereabouts. The Justice Department spokesman Mark · Arberg (Mark Abueg) did not immediately respond to technology companies like Microsoft responded. In response to a lawsuit filed by Microsoft in July, the government said Microsoft had no right to sue for the right to deny that the search and seizure of assets violated the constitutional rights of its users. The government believes that Microsoft has asked the court to rule thousands of cases related to the dispute, taking into account the particularity of each case. Apple said in the document, the government in practice, the use of secret search order frequency and number of almost unlimited, because its endpoint is not clear from the beginning. In 2016, apple claimed to have received nearly 600 secret search warrant". Join the Fawkes news network limited liability company, The Associated Press and 27 other news organizations were also submitted on Friday said they allowed to file, e-mail users using a secret search warrant violated their right of free speech. Privacy groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are also seeking to submit the so-called friends of the court to support Microsoft’s position. Brad, chief counsel at Microsoft ·, (Brad), said in an e-mail statement: "we believe that in this lawsuit, the constitutional rights of the public is very important to the Smith. They should have the right to know when their emails are searched by the government unless!相关的主题文章: