Anger 10 months fined $1 million 250 thousand Uber withdraw from the Macao market next month sayu-02

Anger: 10 months and fined $1 million 250 thousand Uber next month to withdraw from the Macao market Phoenix Technology News Beijing on August 25th news, Reuters today quoted the Macao local media reported that the global taxi industry giant Uber will quit in September 9th "Las Vegas" in Macao. The company about 10 months ago in Macao launched a limousine service. In the intelligent mobile phone display screen of the general manager of Uber LOGOUber Asia Mike · Brown (Mike Brown) in a letter to the Legislative Council of Macao Qu Jinxin (AU Kam San) said in a letter, the company plans to withdraw from the city, and said that since being put into operation in Macao, the Uber driver in a short period of time has been fined a total of 10 million yuan ($1 million 250 thousand) in Macao. District Kam new members will also be uploaded to this letter on their official Facebook account. Brown and Uber no comment. Macao’s government and district new members are not willing to respond to this. According to local media reports in Macao, Uber in Macao, a total of about 2000 full-time and part-time drivers, said drivers have been notified, Uber is about to stop operating in Macao, TDM. Because the population is only 600 thousand, the size of the market in Macao is not large, but for the rapid development of Uber, the U.S. start-up companies, the withdrawal from Macao, but also to explore its Asian market ambitions hit again. Taxi applications in China market, Uber has launched two years with a heavy price subsidy war". However, Uber in a deal earlier this month, will be sold to local competitors in China’s business trips, in return, Uber will get 20% of the shares of the trip drops. At the same time, the Taiwan authorities have asked Uber to pay a sales tax, which is likely to force Uber to withdraw from the Taiwan market. In addition, Uber is still facing regulatory pressure in Hongkong. (compile Qing Chen) want to see more foreign interesting, novel science and technology news? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.  相关的主题文章: