Sports-and-Recreation Alex Auld was drafted by the Florida Panthers 40th overall in the second round of the 1999 NHL entry draft. Auld ended up playing four seasons with the North Bay Centennials from 1997-1998 to 2000-2001. After Auld’s appearance in the 2001 World Juniors as a backup, he was traded from the Panthers to the Canucks for a third round pick in 2002 and a first round pick in 2001. In 2001-2002 Auld played in the AHL for the Manitoba Moose, the Vancouver Canuck’s affiliate team. For the next several years Auld found himself playing backup for the Canaucks and playing for the Manitoba Moose, splitting the seasons between the two from 01-02 up until 03-04. Auld spent the NHL lockout playing for the Moose and the season after in 05-06 Auld was made the Canucks’ number one after Dan Cloutier was injured and opted for surgery. Auld filled in for Cloutier very nicely winning the Canucks; MVP award that season as the Canucks just barely missed the playoffs. In the off-season of 2006 Auld was involved in the Luongo deal that saw Luongo .e to Vancouver and Auld head back to the team that initially drafted him, the Florida Panthers. In Florida Auld’s number one job was taken away by Ed Belfour. In the off-season of 2007 Auld signed a one year contract with Phoenix where Auld ran into more .petition for the number one spot with his new team in the form of Aebischer and Bryzgalov. With no place for Auld in Phoenix he was traded to the Boston Bruins and backed up Tim "The Toolman" Thomas the 2007-2008 season. In the off-season of 2008 Auld signed a two year two million dollar deal with the Ottawa Senators. He was expected to backup Gerber but ended up beating Gerber out to assume the number one spot in O-Town. When Gerber was put on waivers it was up to Auld and Brian Elliott to split the duties for the rest of the season. During the 2009 off-season Ottawa traded Auld to Dallas for a sixth round pick after acquiring Pascal Leclaire from Columbus. Late last season Auld was claimed off waivers again by the New York Rangers where he would play only 3 games. Finally This past off-season Auld signed a one year deal with Montreal worth one million. Journeyman Alex Auld takes up lots of net with his big six foot three frame. He presents fine positioning in net but when it .es down to it he is an average tender. Auld’s size and butterfly style mirrors Price’s. One of the reasons he was brought to the Montreal Canadiens was to mentor Price and help him through his development process. In October of 2006 Auld and Belfour were supposedly "horsing around" when Auld was sent to the hospital. It was suspected that Belfour had assaulted the goalie .peting for his job. Auld’s wife , Melanie Auld, is a celebrity handbag and jewelry designer. Alex Auld is often associated with the saying "He’s big, he’s bald, he’s Alex Auld", which was thought of by hockey analysist Darren Pang. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: