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Adhere to the love, the disabled teachers incarnation Transformers – Education – People’s daily guidance for the students Wang Hong. (picture) talking about Wang Hong, Xie Wu Zhen Qinghai province chingdu county’s more than 4 thousand residents are almost unknown. Wang Hong is a teacher Xie Wu Zhen Center of boarding school, such popularity from his excellent work performance, the local herdsmen and students referred to him affectionately as "dream of protecting the Tongtian River" person. "". For his stick, a workaholic frequency educational miracle Chengduo County belonging to the Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, with an average altitude of 4500 meters. Located in the Tongtian River Xie Wu Zhen is mangyuan Trinidad, here the bitter cold, hypoxia, the annual average temperature at 1.8 degrees Celsius, backward and closed environment. Wang Hong suffered from polio when he was young, although walking is very inconvenient, but he still chose to stick to the podium, and a stop is 28 years. In 1988, graduated from Yushu National Normal School of Wang Hong, did not choose to stay in Yushu state or county like the other students, but resolutely returned to his hometown in Chengduo County, and take the initiative to apply for the 70 km away from the county town center Xie Wu boarding school predecessor — Chengduo County Second National middle school. "At that time, the conditions are indeed very bitter, but here is my hometown, I have been so bitter, and if you do not want to let the dolls go out, they will be more narrow future." Wang Hong knows that such a backward and closed place, only reading is the first choice to change the fate of the road, which is why he chose to be a teacher. On 1992, a class of the fourth grade students of the school is very naughty, truancy, contradict the teacher and other phenomena occur. Such a "mess", other teachers are reluctant to pick up, the teacher repeatedly changed several times. Wang Hong chose to take over the class: "students are reluctant to go to school, I had a home visit, talk over and over again; truancy, I will chase, until convincing so far; students learn well, I will give them special treatment, individual counseling." Everything comes to him who waits。 A semester, the former junior class became a model class in our school endsville, homework first in everything, the test group scores before class; once the most naughty students have become the most effective helper Wang hong…… Under the efforts of Wang Hong, a local student rate of 30% from the original school enrollment rate of 99%, now, he taught 60 people admitted to the University, more than and 220 people admitted to the junior college and technical secondary school. Love is to stick to the "Transformers" incarnation of disabled teacher Wang Hongchang said: "to teach well, good people have mind, spend more time and energy to understand and care for students, and students; teaching and educating teachers should have profound knowledge, have a strong personality charm, but also with love, love and responsibility to do a good job." In order to allow students to learn the knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere, Wang Hong every day in the back and forth between the students do not go back and forth between the conversion mode, turned himself into a Transformers". In front of the grade one or two students, Wang Hong is both a teacher and a father. Pastoral first-year children generally do not speak chinese. In order to teach children Chinese, Wang Hong bilingual teaching in class相关的主题文章: