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Business One of the leading difficulties for companies in manufacturing is ensuring that skilled individuals are positioned optimally to satisfy the company’s production requirements on time. Managers tasked with this challenge require an automated system to centralize and streamline the administrative burdens associated with labor scheduling. Work schedule program solutions, such as Tugboat Software’s SOS suite, are the ideal answer to this business requirement. Headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, Tugboat Software has become one of the leading creators of work schedule automation solutions for enterprises across North America. Their industry’s leading SOS suite is designed to help businesses consolidate their scheduling resources and streamline operations for improved overall productivity within manufacturing operations. The implementation process for Tugboat’s SOS platform begins with the creation of a site-specific work rules document. This document is based on a thorough analysis of the work rules, union requirements, policies, and past practices that are currently in place at the customer’s facility. Once this analysis has been completed, the work rules document serves as the specification for a customized schedule generation engine within Tugboat’s SOS platform which is customized to satisfy the requirements of the customer as production demand fluctuates. The importance of creating this document cannot be understated. It shortens Tugboat Software’s SOS implementation time, reduces implementation cost and ensures that customer’s have complete control over their labor schedule program. Once customers have successfully completed their rules document and Tugboat provides the site-specific rule engine, they have all the elements in place to achieve a rapid ROI for their investment in Tugboat’s SOS platform. Once completed for the work schedule program solution, the SOS scheduling engine will automatically fill job assignments according to the customer’s production plans with the right employees according to their unique scheduling rules.. This scheduling optimization enables companies to meet a number of core in-house objectives such as eliminating unnecessary overtime and eliminating labor waste and helping control labor costs while improving employee job satisfaction by also assigning jobs based on their individual preferences. One of the most significant benefits of the SOS work schedule program solution is that it helps companies retain their most skilled employees by giving them greater autonomy over their job assignments and related requests. It provides by access for requesting desired resources such as vacation time and overtime. The SOS platform allows employees to manage their preferences via a self-service portal ensuring fairness within the scheduling system. Through this automated system, employees can request open jobs, request training, modify their preference for shifts and jobs and volunteer for overtime helping to build a labor schedule that is completely designed to allow the Customer to meet their production objectives. There has never been a better time to integrate Tugboat’s automated SOS program within your company’s facilities. Consolidating labor scheduling resources has never been easier, thanks to Tugboat. About Tugboat Software: Tugboat Software specializes in workforce management with a focus on labor scheduling. Tugboat’s Schedule Optimizing Software is designed to automate your labor schedules while putting the right person in the right job at the right time. For more information, please visit Labor-Scheduling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: