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Home-Improvement There are different floorings which evoke different kinds of ambience and emotions. Today floorings are available in a wide variety of materials that can be used for any lifestyle or function. The stone floors like limestone flooring, natural slate flooring look very decorative, artsy and elegant and they also suit to various individual’s style, taste and budget. Stone floorings give an aesthetic appeal without giving up its functionality. People want their floors to look beautiful, and also want them to hold up under the strains of everyday use. Using stone flooring is an option that can offer elegance and endurance to your home. But for selecting a suitable stone for your living space you need to be very choosy and your decision should depend on various criteria; these can be listed as follows: The stone dealers and suppliers have a wide range of stones having distinct types, colors and finishes. From granite to limestone and marble to natural slate stone you have an extensive range of stones from which you can choose a suitable one. Each piece of stone .es in various shades and tones that offer you a plenty of choice to match the shade with your furnishers and home decorative items. Example limestone flooring is among the hot choices of people both for office and residential purposes. The unique designs and colors of limestone tiles give the floor an extraordinary look. People think of installing stones in kitchens and bathrooms. They particularly prefer to have marble floor tiles in washrooms to attain a sober look and marble stone is considered as the most durable natural stone. The marble floor tiles are also being used to decorate the floorings of a living area. The marble slabs also look elegant in the drawing space. The sandstone is rough and textured stone which is often used to lend atmosphere to fireplaces, walls, and walkways. The sandstone slabs are popularly used as a building material as it is known for its durability and can handle heavy weights. Therefore, people can always ask the stone dealers to offer them best quality stones depending upon their usage. The strength and durability of sandstone slabs makes them more attractive. Unlike concrete or clay, sandstone also performs well in all type of climates, including extremes of hot and cold. Natural slate flooring also add sophistication and elegance to your living home or office. It is known for its durability and requires least maintenance unlike other products. Natural slate flooring is slip resistant and .es in myriad colors, shapes, sizes and textures. All kinds of stones can be cut in variety of ways to adapt to your personal style. Therefore, you should always ensure that you get best quality of stone which suits you in the best way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: