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A woman in Zhuzhou in the next 12 years to encourage her husband 99 donation original title: Zhuzhou women’s blood donation 12 years 99 times the 56 year old Tian Ying, has a history of 12 years of blood donation. At present, she has 99 donation, the total donation of 58 thousand ml, the total amount of blood equivalent to 11 adults. Now, she is the Zhuzhou city women’s blood donation champion. In April 2004, under the influence of her husband Hou Jingming, Tian Ying began her blood road. When I was young, she was a little afraid of blood donation". Later I heard that blood can save the patient’s life, he secretly resolved. "Each offered a blood, her husband would praise me, and encouraged me to do publicity of blood donation, this offer is 12 years imperceptibly." With the increase of age, relatives and friends began to worry about her body, Tian Ying said: "I go to the countryside when the educated youth, the body is very good, the state can offer blood to 60 years old, I still have a long way to go." In order to allow more people to join the "red" career, Tian Ying has become the "spokesperson of blood donation". As long as there is time, wearing a red vest she will go to the blood donation House help, unriddling for blood donors. In July 2015, the Zhuzhou Red Cross blood donation service brigade general election, Tian Ying as director of the office of the successful competition volunteer blood donation. Every Monday, three, five, she went to the station volunteer office, weekdays to blood points to do volunteer service. Under her leadership, almost every day there are volunteers wearing red vests for services in all blood donors. Tian Ying also won the Chinese Red Cross awarded the "Medal of life" and a series of honor. (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Shen Hao correspondent Zhou Wuwang) video recommendation: female sanitation workers 72 donation is equivalent to 5 of all adult blood for 14 years

株洲一女子在丈夫鼓励下12年坚持献血99次原标题:株洲女子12年献血99次现年56岁的田颖,已有12年的献血历史。目前,她已献血99次,献血总量5.8万毫升,相当于11个成年人的血液总量。如今,她已是株洲市女子献血的冠军。在丈夫侯经鸣的影响下,2004年4月,田颖开始了她的献血之路。年轻的时候,她对献血有点“怕”。后来听说献血能挽救病人的生命,便暗暗下了决心。“每献一次血,丈夫就会表扬我,并鼓励我去做无偿献血宣传,不知不觉这一献就是12年。”随着年龄的增长,亲友开始担心她身体,田颖说:“我下乡当过知青,身体很好,国家规定献血可以献到60岁,我还早着呢。”为了让更多人加入这份“红色”事业,田颖又成为了无偿献血的“代言人”。只要有时间,身穿“红马甲”的她,总会去献血屋帮忙,为献血者答疑解惑。2015年7月,株洲市红十字无偿献血服务大队改选换届,田颖成功竞聘为无偿献血志愿者办公室主任。每周一、三、五她都去血站志愿者办公室办公,平日就到采血点做志愿服务。在她的带领下,几乎天天都有志愿者穿着红马甲在各个献血屋做服务。田颖也获得中国红十字会颁发的“生命奖牌”等一系列荣誉。(潇湘晨报 记者沈颢通讯员周武旺)视频推荐: 女环卫工14年献血72次 相当于5个成人全身血量相关的主题文章: