A number of network anchor was traced to the pseudo charity broadcast platform related to the freezi sugus

A number of network anchor was traced to the pseudo charity broadcast platform related to the freezing of accounts recently, netizens exposed a "secret Liangshan public welfare fraud" video, the original broadcast camera issued to hundreds of villagers, after the end of the broadcast to recover. Exposure of the anchor quickly admitted afterwards that "money" is to increase the number of fans and watch, let fans brush gift. In November 6th, the platform quickly responded that the relevant personnel have frozen accounts, and contact the police to check the truth. "Public broadcast" money shot back after a period of "recently circulated on the Internet secret Liangshan public false" video hot topic. Video, more than wearing plain villagers are divided into two rows, holding the hands of the new hundred dollar bills. A black man said: "I will send you something ah." Later, another white man from the crowd back in the hands of a stack of hundred dollar bills, and handed the black man. The black man amount will be put back the bag, and then shouted, "continue to shoot, lined up, lined up, we continue to shoot!" It is understood that the Suzhou Jie brother "black man – anchor platform in this video". After the anchor has released their charity video in the Liangshan area in the online video, "Jie brother" waving a Da Yuan said: "you are black powder, iron powder, do my brother said Jie, I promised to take this 30 thousand dollars all out…… To the village’s 15 poorest families, $2000 per person." After the money one by one handed the hands behind the villagers. The content of the false donation was exposed, is in the "public service" after the occurrence of. The plot is designed "how miserable how to get" in fact, the recent Sichuan Liangshan Butuo county area in plain villagers often become the protagonist in front of the camera, many public anchors have chosen here as their own "love" of the place. In the "Suzhou Jie brother" shot, they are lined up waiting for alms in everyone; "Shandong Mei sister" shot, is disheveled lying on the roadside grandmother; and in the "black hand" Uncle "northeast Garnett et al in the video, they are facing the broth eagerly for children, eager eyes to watch live are impressive. Fake donation behavior was exposed before, "Suzhou Jie brother" had accused the other anchor "acting" in the broadcast, he said that the anchor who came to Liangshan to do make light of travelling a thousand li in the face of charity, donated by the object, is how to do ". For example, to wipe the mud on the child’s face, so that the elderly lying on the ground groaning, the purpose is to highlight their own tragic, with the live shot. In this regard, a Liangshan insider said in an interview that he was very angry, so the pseudo charity not only affects the image of Liangshan, the local people deceived goodness, and sends the wrong message to the outside world. 1000 yuan recurrent anchor to each other by exposure "muckraking pretending to send money", "Suzhou Jie brother" has also exposed more than public anchor played in this set". In his live video, "Suzhou Jie brother" revealed another due in Liangshan "charity" famous anchor "fast black uncle, he said he was in the money 1000 yuan of money repeatedly issued, issue 1000 to Han an old man相关的主题文章: