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.puters-and-Technology Since my childhood, Im always looking forward to have a mini fridge. I can carry it wherever I go. Everyday when you turn on your .puter, you can find out so many new products information appears in the internet. Dont be surprised. Because with the progress of the times and development of technology,innovators use their wisdom to create new products daily and wish the product of their labor can meet rising demand. Most people think creating a new thing is very difficult, and I agree with them. But sometimes we slightly change the existing one and we can get some new findings. When I was young, every time I attempted to open the fridge, how I wish I could make it small. The huge fridge stood in my way and I wouldnt take what I would like to eat. I hated the huge fridge. When I grew a little older, I could open it freely. But I again hoped that I could carry my fridge wherever I went, because I always could get cold drink from my fridge. But because its a big one, my hopes were all over. So Im always looking forward to have a mini one. Last month I got a gift from my friend and she told me its a new gadget. I could hardly wait to look at what it was. Thanks God! That was a mini fridge. I was so excited. Its name was USB Mini Cooler Fridge with Display and Clock .This USB mini fridge could not only keep drink cold, it could heat something. Small size and portable, with LCD display, the mini fridge could show the degree, and exact day time. It could keep coffee/tea/drink warm to 60-80C by 5 minutes and cool to 10-15C by 5 minutes. Ion polishing technology was introduced to metal plate, fully improve interface, and the quality isolating material could enhance cool and warm effect. It is perfect. As a special gift, I think it is a best choice for you. Ima from trait-tech.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: