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The 7 year old Asian cancer girl begged us to pray for her by global Internet Beijing November 8 Xinhua comprehensive report, the United States of Chicago a 7 year old Asian girl with cancer, had a touching video in asking people to pray for her, and the film went viral on the Internet, feel the world friends, a lot of people to send her greetings, even Jeremy Lin also personally in the face book for her cheer. Reported that Ava · Li (Ava Bright Lee) at the age of 5 because of high fever, skin can not be healed after infection, was diagnosed with acute leukemia in bone marrow and lymph. Because of the treatment, Ava lost her hair, and now she’s like a little boy. Last week, doctors in order to know whether Ava can accept stem cell transplantation to PET scan to decide whether to continue treatment, if Ava body tumors cannot accept stem cell transplantation, can only accept home hospice care. So Ava recorded a video and asked for support in facebook. "Hi everyone~ (HI)," Ava began voice, still trembling, she said: "I’m going to accept PET scan tomorrow, I really need the result is" safe ", so that it can receive a transplant, I hope you can help me to pray." Before scanning, Ava’s mother said, daughter "tears", but determined not to transplant, will not go home. Ava’s mother said: "I was lying next to her (Ava), feels like she is patted me on the back, with her hands and said:" Mom please don’t cry, you make me sad." In this video is just two days after the Internet, there are 150 thousand people to browse the video, Ava received more than 6000 messages from all over the world, including Kampuchea, South Korea and South africa. The story of Ava was Jeremy Lin, Lin write down in the face: "Ava was chosen for it pink shoes, hair, even his dolls named Sharky, although I can’t play the game today, but we won! Ava made me think more, and made me happy! Love you Ava! Pray for you!" The good news is that Ava’s PET scan was over! Stem cell transplants will be available in the next few weeks, but her survival rate is still 5% to 10%.

7岁亚裔患癌女孩恳求大家为她祷告 感动全球网民  中新网11月8日电综合报道,美国芝加哥一名7岁的亚裔患癌女孩,此前在一个感人的录影带中请求人们为她祷告,结果这一影片在网上疯传后,感到了全世界的网友,许多人向她寄来祝福语,甚至连林书豪也亲自在脸书为她加油打气。  报道称,艾娃·李(Ava Bright Lee)5岁时因为高烧不退,皮肤感染后无法愈合,被诊断出罹患发于淋巴和骨髓的急性白血病。因为治疗,艾娃失去了头发,现在的她像个小男孩一样。  上周,医生为了得知艾娃是否能接受干细胞移植,要进行PET扫描以决定是否继续治疗后,假如艾娃身体内有肿瘤,就不能接受干细胞移植,只能回家接受安宁照护。所以艾娃录制了一段视频,在脸书请求支持。  “Hi everyone~(大家好)”,艾娃刚开口的声音,还有些颤抖,她跟大家说:“明天我要去接受PET扫描,我真的很需要结果是‘安全’的,这样才可以接受移植,希望大家可以帮我祈祷。”  扫描前,艾娃的妈妈说,女儿“泪流满面”,但决心不移植就不回家。艾娃的妈妈说:“我躺在她(艾娃)的旁边,感觉她正在用小手拍我的背,她说:“妈妈请不要哭了,你让我好难过。”  在这段视频被放上网后短短两天,就有15万人浏览了视频,艾娃获得了超过6000则来自世界各地的讯息,包括柬埔寨、韩国和南非。  艾娃的故事也感到了林书豪,林在脸书写下:“Ava曾为他选了粉红色球鞋,辫子头,甚至为他的填充娃娃取名Sharky,虽然我今天没办法打完比赛,但是我们赢了!Ava让我有了更多面的思考,给了我快乐!爱你Ava!为你祈祷!”  好消息是,艾娃的PET扫描过了!未来几周就能接受干细胞移植手术,但是她的生存率仍是5%到10%。相关的主题文章: