5Qingdao the boss wants to talk about business men disguised coffee aphrodisiac and woman|Qingdao the boss wants to talk about business men disguised coffee aphrodisiac and woman

Qingdao: Men disguised boss desire and women talk about business coffee under aphrodisiac men disguised "boss" want to have sexual relations with women, is found in coffee lower aphrodisiac (video screenshot) original title: Qingdao: Men disguised boss desire and women talk about business coffee rush love drug, Qilu Network March 19 hearing now do business, no matter big business and small business, to meet with clients. A few days ago the Qingdao Wang also met a customer, see after her goose bumps out. What’s going on? According to the Shandong radio and television life channel "Life Gang" reported that the Huangdao Qingdao District, Ms. Wang to do clothing business. Just a few days ago, she received a call from Mr. Lee. Li proposed to build a batch of workers in the phone, Ms. Wang did not care too much. After a few days, Mr. Lee again call, Ms. Wang hopes to bring the sample to see a face. Huangdao Qingdao District Wang (a pseudonym) said: "I said I go to the factory. He said not to go to the factory, let’s go to the cafe. I said that it is not convenient, I said to your factory is better, to help you count the number of. He said no, he said the accounting will be sent to the." Large orders to find the door, Ms. Wang did not delay, quickly according to Mr. Lee’s request, came to a local coffee shop, two people met after the point of two cups of coffee, they began to talk about the cooperation. Huangdao District, Qingdao City, district hidden pearl police station, told reporters: "the monitoring shows that at 16:16 in the afternoon, a young man walked into the cafe." Huangdao Qingdao District Wang (a pseudonym): "I began to introduce him to the clothing style, price, cloth, give him a promotional page to see. Then he seems to be interested in it, and then the price is not very questioned." Meet to talk about business woman midway was drugged with many years experience in garment business Ms. Wang think Mr. Lee, who claimed the company in charge of some strange. Even more puzzled by her, Mr. Lee was always looking for a reason to support her. As she took the sample in the car, she saw an amazing scene through the window of the coffee shop. "I saw him come up with a thing from his clothes, and I couldn’t see what he was looking for. Pour it in my coffee, and then mix it." See this, Ms. Wang rushed to the police, and then back to the seat. Sure enough, Mr. Li began to find ways to let her drink a cup of coffee, while Ms. Wang politely refused, while trying to help. See Ms. Wang did not drink the meaning of the cup of coffee, claiming that the company is in charge of Mr. Lee began some sit. The cafe staff Ms. Cui said: "they want to go, I saw the woman to be closed, and then catch a liar." Man has coffee "Aphrodisiac water" pretend to talk about business, back to the coffee dosing. Such a plot how to listen to how to movies, Ms. Wang said is really?? if it is true, then the Lee why to dosing in each other’s cups, and is what medicine?? to realize his tracks may have been brought to light. Mr. Li began trying to escape. However, in cooperation with the police station and the clerk, the Lee soon overpowered. After the police investigation.