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UnCategorized When going out drinking on a Saturday night my friends and I like to find a place that has a great atmosphere and good looking servers, where we can sit back in and enjoy an evening of frivolity. Because I am on a constant health kick I am usually the designated driver, but I enjoy laughing and being entertained by the antics of my pals who can be a lot of fun once they have had a few beers in them. We all work together and have a good time in the sales department. On occasion we can be serious, but for the most part we a rowdy bunch of guys who enjoy meeting new people and being the center of attention. For the most part we frequent one of our favorite sports bars in Chicago where we can grab a bite to eat and watch the game in high definition. When we are unable to score tickets for ourselves we can always find a seat facing the action and cut lose more easily than we do when we are in the stands. I suppose that I am considered the responsible member of our little band as I am more laid back than the others and do not mind having the attention focused on someone else part of the time. Then there is Travis, a baby-faced ladies man who has a knack for picking up the hottest girl in the room and hooking up with her after everyone heads for home after last call. He has an amazing gift for knowing how to flatter a woman and make her feel special. He is always flirting with the waitresses who wear tight little skirts and make sure that his glass is always full. Next is Jake, he thinks that he is in charge and likes to make all of the decisions about what we are doing and where we are going. He is a funny fellow with a great personality and is always cracking jokes. He too likes to play the field, but is much more subdued and targets the ladies who he can make smile with his offbeat sense of humor. And then There is Ryan, he’s the shy one of the gang and .es across as being nervous around women, but always manages to strike up a conversion and find a date for the evening, who will pay for his drinks! We usual start the party around 11:30 and keep doing until as late as we can on the weekends. Although we can be loud at times we are always well behaved and draw in a crowd around our table because we tip well and are consistently having fun and laughing. So if you see us around a sports bar in Chicago say hello, we are always up for making new friends and having new experiences. Cheers! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: