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Arts-and-Entertainment 1. What inspired you to write ‘The Magic Eye’? It really started as a discussion with my young daughter Lexi that led to the idea. I’ve always enjoyed fantasy fiction, particularly when written for children. As the ideas evolved it seemed natural to turn them into a book. 2. The heroine is called Amelia, who is she based on? Melie is based on my daughter Lexi, after all she was instrumental in the book being written in the first place. The name Amelia is borrowed from my only granddaughter who is 9 months old. 3. The co-star and Melie’s best friend is John Simon who has Down’s Syndrome. Can you share the background to this idea? My fourth child Joe is the inspiration behind John. Joe was also born with Down’s Syndrome and I wanted to share the beauty of Down’s with as many people as possible. I think that everybody who reads the book will fall in love with John. 4. You have an innovative idea for the rest of the series. Where did it come from? As an innovator myself, I wanted to do something that would add much more value than simply writing a book. I have developed a method for writing that makes the process simple. I want to share that method with as many people as possible. Melie’s followers and readers will be invited to submit ideas for the next story. Twice a year, 20 children with the best ideas will be invited with their parents to join my family at a special boot-camp. The objective will be to jointly design the next Melie adventure. This will be a weekend of fun, alternating between England and the USA, where they jointly develop the outline and first chapter for the next book.I also believe that many hands can make light labour and that there isn’t an idea that can’t be improved upon. I expect the problem for the second book will be fitting in all the great ideas generated. The most difficult bit will be discarding the ideas that don’t fit the story or that haven’t yet had their time. 5. Why alternating between the UK and USA? I currently share my time between both countries and so having a boot-camp in each seems logical. There is no reason why we can’t expand this to other countries in the near future. Perhaps Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia can be in the second wave, and then we can expand all over the world. The intent will be to keep the ideas coming in to keep the adventures as fresh as possible. The different cultures of the world will help to do that. 6. How is this book different to other children’s magical fantasies? I think that the major difference is the blending of old world magic with modern technology. 7. Who is ‘The Magic Eye’ aimed at? The Magic Eye is written in a style that can be enjoyed by all age groups. Families can snuggle up to experience the adventures together, or family members can immerse themselves in the magic on their own, if that is their preference. Fans of other fantasy books like The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Spiderwick Chronicles are expected to be drawn to ‘The Magic Eye’. By comparison to other books in the genre, ‘The Magic Eye’ can be enjoyed in a comparatively short time. The twenty six chapters can be read in as little as three hours, encouraging younger readers to enjoy the magic as well as their older siblings. The other major difference is the setting. ‘The Magical Adventures of Melie’ are set in the twenty first century and blend the magic and wizardry of old with modern technology. 8. A key part of ‘The Magic Eye’ concerns an enchanted book. What is it? ‘The Book of the Future’ was first written fifteen hundred years ago by the evil witch Faranella. Many copies were made and all but one was destroyed. The destruction of the book was ordered by Karak Pendragon, Grand Master of all Wizards on earth. The order was made immediately after Faranella was finally beaten by the combined armies of all the earths’ wizards. The one book that remains is enchanted. Many attempts have been made to destroy it and all have failed. Early in the twenty first century the book has appeared again. It is foretold in the book, that a magical being will be born. This special girl will have the power to bring Faranella back to the earth after centuries of imprisonment. Faranella believes that she has now been born and her name is Amelia Pendragon, distant ancestor of Karak. 9. Are there any plans to make a movie? Let’s not get away with ourselves. The first book is only just coming out. I believe ‘The Magic Eye’ would make a great movie but I think the honest answer is let’s wait and see. 10. Finally, you talk about being a wannabe rock singer, what do you mean? There’s always one embarrassing question. I have been lucky to be the lead singer in many a garage classic rock band. Three bands in Tucson were actually pretty good and we made a bit of beer money as well. I would love to find a good classic rock band to front in Manchester, but don’t currently have the time. About the Author: Robert Carter is an author, poet, motivational speaker and wannabe rock singer. He has visited more than thirty countries on business and led sales campaigns to around $2.5 billion in new business. His first book, The Balanced Innovator, Turning Ideas into Reality has helped individuals and organizations to achieve increased productivity while improving the process of innovation. He has been the keynote speaker at dozens of conferences on innovation and is an after dinner speaker. "The Magic Eye"’ is his first novel. The Magic Eye Available From Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Arts-and-Entertainment 相关的主题文章: