Safe Application And Removal Of Hair Piece Glue-乃々果花

Hair-Loss For the best result when applying and removing glue or adhesive from a hair system it is best to be organized and to not rush. When applying adhesive to the base or tape tab of a hair system the area where the adhesive is to be applied must be clean and free of any oil. It helps to use a cotton ball and wipe the area with 99% alcohol and let the alcohol dry .pletely before any application. If youre applying adhesive to a tape tab it can be advantageous to first put down a layer of tape. The tape will help to protect the tab and will make clean up easier. Be aware that some tapes and adhesives when used together can produce a chemical gas that could possible cause irritation to the scalp. Only use tapes and adhesives that are safe for skin contact. Once the tape has been applied you can begin applying the adhesive. Using a brush apply a thin layer of adhesive to the tape and try to avoid the area right on the edge of the tape. You want to avoid getting the adhesive on the base material as it will affect the hair and could create a greater clean up issue. If you leave a little area on either side of the tape, this area will still get adhesive once you put the system on and press the perimeter onto your head. If you use too much adhesive it can very possible bleed past the tape and get into the hair and base of the system. If applying adhesive for a lace front the adhesive should be put directly on the skin where the lace will lay, allowed to get tacky then the lace can be pressed into the adhesive and set using a piece of nylon stocking. When removing adhesive always use a good quality solvent. Apply the solvent to the adhesive area and allow it to sit for a few minutes to loosen the adhesion. Then you simply remove the tape from the tape tab or gently lift the lace from the skin. The solvent can then be used in a small amount to release any adhesive that may be on the base or in the hair. Once the adhesive is .pletely removed the system should be washed and conditioned and allowed to air dry. Be sure to use the alcohol on the tape tab area before re-applying tape or adhesive as there may be residue from the conditioner on the tab. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: