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UnCategorized Do you want to start a new online business? Do you know about blogs? Blogs are one of the best cheap ways to get publicity for your business just in days. Its very easy and really cheap. You only need a niche, some content, and webhosting (or just can use some free blog hosting like Ok, blogs.. blogs.. do you know that you can start it today? And that you can get huge traffic for this blog? You can start your online business in just minutes by creating blogs. A blog is an instant advertise solution for your own online business. You can create it today and start adding new content to it (called entries or posts). When you create a new post for your blog, most blog scripts ping major ping services for you at the same time that you post the entry. Ping Is a free service to send your blog entry notice to search engines and lot of websites that use this service to know when a new blog is online, or just when a blog is updated. WordPress or Blogger (and more providers) ping your blog after you post a new entry. Every day, thousands of new webmasters create new blogs, and use this blogs to get real income, using for example Google Adsense. Do you know that lot of bloggers earn thousands of dollars every month with blogs? Just search Google, you will find lot of articles and comments about bloggers’ incomes! You can start your blog / online business today: 1) You need to create the blog, you can use as free blog hosting, or just get a new hosting in some good Hosting Provider and install your own Blog, using WodPress for example, get latest version (2.0.4) here: . If you selected last option, you will need a domain name, you can get one for low price, go to Godaddy ( domain names starting from $5.95. If you don’t want to spend money, just select, its free, and you will get a new subdomain blog like ( Remember, is owned by Google, so you will get indexed faster 🙂 2) Select the name for your blog, and most important, select your Niche. Don’t create a new general blog where you will post info about internet business, webhosting, domain names, and more, if you select a niche, your blog will get visitors that only want to read this niche, and also, you will get more targeted and relevant Google Adsense ads in your blog. 3) Get content to post, just go to some Article Directory, and find the best articles, take it and post to your blog. Remember, don’t delete any info, or copyright of this article, you can take it only if you don’t modify it. I prefer write own content, to avoid that people read always the same info, and also the Duplicate Content Penalty that Google and other may apply if find that your site Is 100% similar to others. 4) After you created your blog, posted some fresh content and designed it (or just use some template, its most common) you need to monetize it. Its very easy, you only need to go to Google Adsense ( and join for a free account. Be sure of enter your correct info, because if you are new adsenser, Google will check your blog and after it will decide: Approve / Reject (only one day) After Google approved it, you just need to go to Google Adsense Home Page, login and copy & paste your Adsense Code where you want that Ads be displayed. 5) Promoting Your Blog: After all above points, you need to promote your blog, just submit it to all niche-related or general blog directories. They will send you a lot of real traffic. You also can submit your RSS feeds to all RSS directory found. Submit your blog to Google, Yahoo and MSN. Contact more bloggers about your niche and offer link exchange, post in other blogs and forums related and use your link in your signature and much more. Just use your mind, you can get lot of visitors free day after day to your blog, and with more visits, more Adsense income 🙂 Remember: you will need to post every two / three days a new post to get more fresh content, be original, write it, don’t just copy & paste. After two weeks you will see that your blog was approved in most Blog directories where you submitted it, that people is visiting your blog and sometimes they post comments or send feedback, and most important you will see like your Google Adsense Stats get impressions, clicks and $$$ Blogs are only one way to get online revenue, there are many other ways. If you want to see latest articles and resources for online business, just go to my own blog ..waysofmakemoney.. and you will find lot of fresh content about Online Business and also updated list of directories, rss directories, and more great tools for your business. You also can join to my Free Newsletter to get latest info directly to your email every week. Good Luck!!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: