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Tianjin firefighters sacrifice mother tube pregnancy: for children with his mark – Sohu news spring drums tsubosato some cold, rain will not have been in the air, with a damp smell. The 43 year old Liu Yunai wrapped up thick real: the whole cotton pajamas, white hats, scarf tightly tied to the neck of small. Only 3 months of pregnancy she seemed to move large stature, but also some difficulties. This is a day of February 22nd, the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, Liu Yunai’s husband Cai Laiyuan to find a piece of dry land, for the mountains, lit a stack of yellow paper. In August 12th last year, their 19 year old son Cai Jiayuan, eight Street, Tianjin fire brigade squadron firefighters, killed in Tianjin blast. The Spring Festival approaching, Cai Jiayuan peers returning to hometown. Liu Yunai stayed at home, went to sleep for several days: "dare not go out, can not see, think about the son." TA Ping Xiang is located in the southern city of Yongzhou, where Liu Yunai river is located in a narrow valley along the village, surrounded by hills. For col Liu Yunai, another child, is almost the only way she transfer pain. She tried IVF surgery, success. In the grandmother’s age, once again when the mother. In addition to Liu Yunai, another Tianjin explosion sacrifices firefighters’s mother do IVF surgery at the end of the year. They are in such a way as to look for the lost son. Daily people from Hunan, Yongzhou Changsha LiuDi Zhu (Ming magpie contributed) the probability of success in October 2015 5% of the day, Liu Yunai and even with some urgency to climb on the operating table. Narrow the needle quickly into her body, through the vaginal fornix to ovary, will suck out the egg. "Pain. Before the child is not so painful." Bite a tooth, she tied up the hands and feet could not help trembling. Liu Yunai rejected the anesthetic. She has her own theory, drugs damage the body, is not conducive to the future baby. 10 minutes, took out 8 eggs. She called them "bubble". In her imagination, these "bubble" should be transparent, looks somewhat like blowing up the soap bubble, but are too small to see. They are quickly moved to the embryo culture dish containing liquid, placed in the incubator for 37 degrees Celsius, a fertilized egg, and then wait. Liu Yunai was relieved. In September 12th of last year, Tianjin a month after the explosion, she rushed to the Changsha the reproductive and genetic hospital consultation, IVF surgery. This speed so that the doctor Zhang Hong surprised. She contacted the child accident death case. Some people immersed in grief, a few years will think of test tube. Liu Yunai has the reason. She knew that the earlier hope more. She picked up the sacrifice in Tianjin when the explosion of the son of Zhang Hong, took 19 photos of his son, seeing this scene let Zhang Hong feel sick. But she said very directly, in the age of Liu Yunai, only 5% to 1"

天津牺牲消防员母亲试管再孕:盼孩子有他的痕迹-搜狐新闻   初春的打鼓坪乡有些阴冷,雨一直将下未下,空气里带着潮湿的味道。   43岁的刘云爱把自己裹得厚厚实实:整套的棉睡衣,白色的毛线帽子,小丝巾严实的系住脖子。   怀孕才3个月的她显得身形宽大,挪动脚步也有些困难。   这一天是2月22日,农历正月十五,刘云爱的丈夫蔡来元找了一块干燥地,面向大山,点燃一沓黄纸。   去年8月12日,他们19岁的儿子蔡家远,天津消防总队八大街中队的消防员,在天津爆炸时牺牲。   临近春节,蔡家远的同龄人陆续回到家乡。刘云爱躲在家里,倒头睡了好几天:“不敢出门,不敢看,怕想起儿子。”   打鼓坪乡地处永州市南部,刘云爱所在的东河沿村坐落在一个狭长的山谷里,四周群山环绕。对于山坳里的刘云爱来说,再次生育,几乎是她转移痛苦的唯一方式。   她尝试了试管婴儿手术,成功了。在本该成为祖母的年纪,又再一次当妈妈。   除了刘云爱,另一位天津爆炸牺牲消防员的母亲也在年前做了试管婴儿手术。   她们以这样的方式来寻找失去的儿子。   每日人物 朱柳笛 发自湖南长沙、永州(明鹊对此文亦有贡献)   5%的成功几率   2015年10月的一天,刘云爱甚至是带着些许急迫爬上了手术台。   狭长的取卵针很快进入她的身体,穿过阴道穹窿,直达卵巢,将卵子吸取出来。   “疼。以前生孩子也没这么疼。”咬着牙,她被束缚起的手脚还是忍不住颤抖。   刘云爱拒绝了麻药。   她有自己的理论,麻药对身体有损害,不利于以后怀宝宝。   10分钟的时间里,取出了8个卵子。她称呼它们为“泡泡”。在她的想象中,这些“泡泡”应该是透明的,看起来有些像吹起来的肥皂泡,只是小到肉眼看不见而已。   它们被迅速移到含胚胎培养液的培养皿中,放置在37摄氏度的培养箱里,成为受精卵,然后就是等待。   刘云爱总算松了一口气。就在去年的9月12日,天津爆炸发生后的一个月,她就赶到了长沙这家生殖与遗传专科医院,咨询试管婴儿的手术。   这速度让主治医生张红有些吃惊。   她接触过孩子意外死亡的案例。有些人沉浸在悲伤中,过好几年才会想起做试管。   刘云爱却有这份理性。她知道,越早希望越大。   她对张红提起自己在天津爆炸时牺牲的儿子,拿出19岁儿子的照片,看了又看,这情景让张红也觉得受不了。   但她说得很直接,以刘云爱的年纪,只有5%到10%的成功率。   这一趟出行,刘云爱心情黯淡。蔡来元为哄她开心,拉着她去医院旁边的理发店剪短了头发,这样看起来年轻、精神一些。   刘云爱在镜子里端详了自己一番,才43岁的她,因为儿子去世伤心过度,憔悴得像老了10岁。   蔡来元还要带她去一旁的美容院做个皮肤护理,被她拒绝:“不如留着钱做试管婴儿的手术。”   她拉着蔡来元商量:“5%到10%的成功率,做不做?”   蔡来元没有犹豫:“只要有一点成功的概率,就做!”相关的主题文章: