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Low ability students most easily cheat 5 types of financial fraud yesterday, Chengdu daily from the ant gold suit was informed that a study by more than 3000 universities 300 thousand students participated in the survey, with "campus network fraud prevention campaign" as the theme, the nearly 100 thousand college students in the sample analysis, the overall level of college students China the anti fraud ability is not high, the average score of only 69 points, among them, 48% of the respondents in the campus can not see through loan scam coat. In the anti fraud ability test, from freshman year of admission, the lowest score, the most easily deceived. In addition, the average score of science and engineering schools is generally higher than other institutions. According to the survey, 7 of the top 10 schools are science and engineering colleges. Survey and statistics of the most vulnerable to the 5 categories of fraud, including: Trojan links, refund calls, grants or scholarships, financial knowledge, high salary recruitment. In the security link and Trojan link identification test, 63% college students can not identify the trojan website link. It is understood that most Trojan links will be disguised as formal website links (such as bank websites, e-commerce sites, etc.), through the pseudo base station SMS sent to the user’s mobile phone, and with the lure of the nature of the text, to induce user clicks. Once clicked, it may automatically download trojan horse in the background, resulting in security risks. In this network test, 85% of college students said that there were risks when receiving train tickets, cancellations, cancellations, and 5% of them were cheated. The survey showed that 62% of the students had a risk when they received a phone call from a government employee, and 3% of them were cheated. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Yang Bin Lv Bo (Chengdu business daily electronic version) free consultation

防骗能力偏低 大学生最容易上当5类金融骗局昨日,成都商报从蚂蚁金服获悉,一项由全国3000多所高校的30万在校生参与,以“校园防骗大作战”为主题的网络调查,通过对其中近千所高校10万名学生的样本分析,中国大学生的防骗能力整体水平不高,平均得分仅为69分,其中,48%的被调查者无法识破披着校园贷外衣的骗局。在这次防骗能力的测试中,从入学年份看,大一新生得分最低,最容易被骗。此外,理工类学校的平均得分普遍高于其它院校。调查显示,排名前10的学校里,有7所都是理工类院校。调查统计出大学生最容易上当的5类骗局,包括:木马链接、退款电话、助学金或奖学金、金融常识、高薪诚聘。在安全链接与木马链接的识别测试中,63%大学生无法识别木马网站的链接。据了解,多数木马链接会伪装成正规网站的链接(如银行网站、电商网站等),通过伪基站短信的方式发送到用户手机,并配以引诱性质的文字,诱导用户点击。一旦点击,则可能在后台自动下载木马,造成安全风险。在这次网络测试中,有85%的大学生表示在接到火车票退票、航班取消之类的电话时存在风险,其中5%易被骗。调查显示,当接到冒充政府工作人员发放奖学金的电话时,62%的同学的应对存在风险,其中3%的人可能被骗。成都商报记者 杨斌 吕波(成都商报电子版) 免费咨询相关的主题文章: