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Golden Dragon Bus: towards the new energy era   China has become the world’s largest new energy vehicle market. As a pioneer in energy saving and development of new energy bus, Jinlong bus has launched independent research and development results and integrated solutions. Review the history of China’s new energy bus, Jinlong bus all the way along". "City light" series, leading the city bus travel into the new energy era. China’s first hybrid electric bus         1997, Golden Dragon Bus and Tsinghua University joint research and development of Rosa series hybrid electric bus, this is China’s first hybrid electric bus, the car also represented Chinese in world electric vehicle assembly; 2001, Jinlong bus started independent research and development of such models, at that time, the hybrid bus cognition is not much, when the first car Kinglong hybrid bus to Beijing exhibitors, many visitors also think this is a "heterogeneous". However, this is the first exploration of "otherness" enterprises, in the next 16 years, the "energy saving", "environmental protection" of the responsibility, the way of pioneers, has become a frontier in leading domestic development of new energy bus. "Dual fuel" trailbreaker in 1998, with a nationwide gas bus has been put on the schedule, Jinlong XMQ6100SL dual fuel buses in the next few years on the streets. The initial emission reduction models use gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas as a dual fuel, contributing to environmental governance. The first dual energy electric buses in 2002, Jinlong bus and Xiangtan mechanical and electrical Limited by Share Ltd technical cooperation successfully developed XMQ6120G8 dual energy electric buses, using batteries and AC power two energy driven. Won the first international award in October 2004, the international clean energy vehicles "challenge Bibendum" debut in Asia, XMQ6120G hybrid bus to participate in all five events, winning the hybrid bus group first acceleration performance and fuel economy of the first and the total score first. The first batch of exports of new energy buses began in 2003, Jinlong XMQ6118G, XMQ6117G and other CNG bus products have been sold to Philippines, Thailand and other places. 2009, the first hybrid bus XMQ6121H officially listed on sale in Singapore, to achieve a domestic independent brand hybrid passenger car exports overseas zero breakthrough. To participate in the first batch of "Ten City 1000" project in 2010, 40 hybrid buses XMQ6127AGH43 and XMQ6106GH33 as the first batch of Xiamen demonstration vehicles officially put into operation, marking the Xiamen ten city 1000 demonstration project has entered a substantive stage of implementation, and thus open a new energy bus batch into domestic city times. In the "Eagle City" in Pingdingshan, "Luzhou wine city", in the "waterfall," in Anshun, "Hometown" of Xiangtan…… Golden Dragon new energy bus race to become the eyes of the public green messenger". The first batch of clean energy buses in 2012, the first batch of 80 vehicles powered by LNG dragon "long nose" school bus in Guangdong province.相关的主题文章: