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The investigation of "149 suite" in the new climate don’t take the old routines – Sohu [tips] reading comments Nanchang prosecutors confirmed that the deputy chief over 149 suites loan more than 9600 Guangming commentator: today (4 days) news media, network transmission Nanchang high tech District procuratorate staff Xu Linbao property up to more than and 380 a, obtained Nanchang city procuratorate response: a preliminary investigation of Xu Linbao and family name in Nanchang property totaling 149 units (rooms), the purchase price of 1.1 million yuan, currently in the Nanchang area of the bank still has more than 9600 yuan of loans did not return. Before the Nanchang procuratorate responded, sitting on more than 100 sets of real estate, in the same area of arrears of property charges amounted to about five hundred thousand cadres, already on the web is known as "real" God ", which made headlines in recent years has been entrenched" real family adds new members. And the 2012 Zhengzhou house girl "and the 2013 Shaanxi Shenmu sister house, housing Lord also has a huge amount of real estate, a huge amount of property, in addition to the public of their own business, with 42 pounds transfer digestion of public resources opportunity, like the face of power is realized, the power from fat the suspect. But it is more worthy of pondering the matter, it is precisely the matter and other "family" event different characteristics. The first is "real God" of the work place, it is the responsibility of legal supervision, anti crime, corruption and bribery to the functions of the inspection organs. Media had information display, Xu I have been working in the procuratorial system, has served as Yingtan city procuratorate report center, is now deputy director of the high tech Zone procuratorate crime. Although the Nanchang high tech Zone to check the hospital in response to the media denied the "deputy chief" status, but there is no identity does not seem to hinder Xu and family to Xu Linbao is a chief prosecutor "under the banner of business activities. In the final analysis, public opinion on the matter, the public on this track hot from a huge sense of contrast, is a huge contrast of small government "and" 149 homes ", the underlying concern is: at the end of the official officials can complete such astonishing wealth accumulation, more power it would be easy to be realized; two is the" anti crime "and" anti corruption "public officials suspected of power from the point of view of a huge contrast, its implicit judgment is: take the immune function in the daily operation of the national judicial department, if the rent seeking situation, its harm is far higher than the other at the office the personnel corruption, leave is not fixed harm, but a" damaged "channel. It is worth noting that the house God with the previous room sister, room sister event has been more than three years of time difference. It is in these three years, the discipline inspection and supervision departments continued to force in strict discipline, before the party supervision accountability efforts far, leading cadres to declare personal matters in fact instead of the official property disclosure system was repeatedly pilot, started to play the system efficiency, management and administration of the Party of the climate has differently. But the 149 sets of real estate, the discovery and investigation, is still the network broke the news, the media forced the old routine. Procuratorate system investigation conducted a month.相关的主题文章: