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Teach you this autumn to eat grapefruit detox and cellulite autumn air filled with grapefruit fragrance, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. Pomelo is not only a delicious taste, but also a good health care product, but also an effective "weight loss medicine". Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and cellulose, these things increase satiety at the same time, can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help to removelodge, contribute to detoxification! What’s the use of pomelo? Grapefruit leaves like orange, orange, but with a wide winged petiole, leaf surface and young shoots with short hairs. The flowers are large and white. Fruit is large, spherical or near pear shaped, lemon yellow; flesh white or red, separated into petals, easy to separate between the petals, taste sour and tasty. In many of the autumn fruit, grapefruit can be regarded as one of the largest, generally above 1 kilograms. It is around the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar every year, Pihou storage, can be stored for three months without losing flavor, so it is "natural canned fruit". Grapefruit rounded shape, symbolizing the reunion of Italy, so also is the Mid Autumn Festival holiday fruit. More important is the grapefruit of grapefruit and the homophone of bless, and the grapefruit, that is you, is considered to have the meaning of auspicious. During the Spring Festival to eat grapefruit and grapefruit and a symbol of prosperity, "" homophonic, is some big grapefruit, remove the bad luck to bring good luck next year. Grapefruit is very nutritious, and contains a lot of essential elements, such as protein, organic acid and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium, which is incomparable with other fruits. Meat is also rich in vitamin C and insulin and other ingredients, have hypoglycemic, slimming, beauty beauty and other effects. Regular consumption, for hypertension, diabetes, vascular sclerosis and other diseases have auxiliary treatment, for obese people have a healthy body nourishing function. In addition, pomelo contains the physiological active substance peridoside, which can reduce the blood viscosity and reduce the formation of thrombus, so it also has a good preventive effect on cerebrovascular disease. In a study of grapefruit losing weight for 12 weeks, doctors paid close attention to body weight and metabolism. Among the 100 participants, those who ate half grapefruit for each meal lost 3.6 pounds on average, and those who drank three cups of grapefruit juice on average decreased by 3.3 pounds per day. What’s more exciting is that some people have lost more than ten pounds. In addition to weight loss, TCM believes that grapefruit taste bitter fruit, belongs to cold, often eat grapefruit can Quhuo Runfei bowel inflammation. Therefore, eating pomelo in the autumn to lose weight is more suitable. Below, the small editor recommends several kinds of pomelo to lose weight. Honey pomelo tea material: grapefruit, ice sugar, honey practice: 1, with warm salt water for five minutes pomelo, repeated rubbing, peel down the pomelo skin. 2, the scraped pomelo skin can be rubbed and washed for several times in the warm brine, and the pomelo flesh can be separated from the pomelo pulp, and it can be stirred up with a cooking machine or crushed by hand. 3, grapefruit pitche filaments, the more detailed the better. The grapefruit and pomelo peel into meat filaments without oil in skillet, add sugar and sugar into a bowl of water before the fire, and then simmer for about an hour until thick. 4, boil cool, wait for the temperature drop to fifty or sixty degrees, mix the honey, cool the bottle and put in the refrigerator and refrigerate.

教你秋季这样吃柚子 排毒养颜又消脂秋天的空气中弥漫着柚子的清香,沁人心脾。柚子不单是一种美味佳品,也是一种很好的保健品,更是有效的“减肥药”。柚子含有丰富的维生素C和纤维素,这些东西增加饱腹感的同时,还能有效促进肠胃蠕动,有助于排除宿便,有助于排毒养颜!吃柚子到底有什么用?柚子的叶似柑、橘,但叶柄具有宽翅,叶下表面和幼枝有短茸毛。花大,白色。果实大,球形或近于梨形,呈柠檬黄色;果肉白或红色,隔分成瓣,瓣间易分离,味酸可口。在众多的秋令水果中,柚子可算是个头最大的了,一般都在1千克以上。它在每年的农历八月十五左右成熟,皮厚耐藏,一般可存放三个月而不失香味,故有“天然水果罐头”之称。柚子外形浑圆,象征团圆之意,所以也是中秋节的应景水果。更重要的是柚子的“柚”和庇佑的“佑”同音,柚子即佑子,被人们认为有吉祥的含义。过年的时候吃柚子象征着金玉满堂,柚和“有”谐音,是大柚大有的意思,除去霉运带来来年好运势。柚子营养价值很高,含有非常丰富的蛋白质、有机酸及钙、磷、镁、钠等人体必需的元素,这是其他水果难以比拟的。柚肉中还富含维生素c以及类胰岛素等成分,有降血糖、降血脂、减肥、美肤养颜等功效。经常食用,对高血压、糖尿病、血管硬化等疾病有辅助治疗作用,对肥胖者有健体养颜功能。此外,柚子含有生理活性物质皮甙,可降低血黏度,减少血栓的形成,因此对脑血管疾病也有较好的预防作用。在一项历时12周的“柚子减肥”研究中,医生们密切注视体重和新陈代谢等因素,100名参加者中,那些每餐吃半个柚子的人平均减了3.6磅,每天喝三杯柚子汁的人平均减了3.3磅。更加振奋人心的是,有些人减轻了十磅以上。除了减肥,中医认为柚子味道酸苦,属于性寒的水果,经常吃柚子可以润肺清肠,去火消炎。因此,秋季吃柚子减肥再适合不过啦。下面,小编推荐几种柚子减肥的吃法。蜂蜜柚子茶材料:柚子、冰糖、蜂蜜做法:1、用温盐水把柚子泡五分钟,反复揉洗,把柚子皮刮下来。2、把刮下的柚子皮泡在温盐水中可以再揉洗几遍,柚子果肉分离出来,可以用料理机搅碎,也可以用手挤碎弄散。3、柚子皮切小细丝,越细越好。把柚子肉和柚子皮细丝放到无油的煮锅里,加入冰糖和一碗清水先大火把糖煮化,再小火煮一小时左右,直到粘稠。4、煮好晾凉,待温度下降到五六十度时把蜂蜜加入拌匀,凉后装瓶放入冰箱冷藏即可。相关的主题文章: