Hu Ge recalled 10 years ago, the nightmare of the car accident has never wanted to be an actor 高达08ms小队

Hu Ge recalled 10 years ago the accident had nightmares don’t want to be an actor the original title: Hu Ge recalled 10 years ago in a traffic accident death hit colleagues do not want to be an actor   in June 10th, the twenty-second Shanghai TV Festival Closing Ceremony and awards ceremony held in Shanghai. Hu Ge with "Nirvana in Fire" crew closing ceremony red carpet debut. China News Agency reporter Zhang Hengwei photo     Beijing in August 30, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news show, Hu Ge in 2005 for "Legend of Sword and Fairy" Li Xiaoyao in the corner of the rage, and then Ariel Lin "tianwaifeixian", "Legend of the Condor Heroes" by the Taiwan audience are familiar with, but in that year during the filming of "legend" has suffered a car accident, a number of serious injuries but almost disfigured, he has a negative mood greatly affected during the period of this accident has been 10 years, he also from this accident in the understanding of the truth of life. According to reports, Hu Ge in 2006 when the accident occurred, the moment was rushed to the hospital, when he left, the eyes are seriously injured, after a night of operation he was dragged out and sat in a wheelchair, while playing the spirit by saying "this is a new style of" I want to ease the heavy atmosphere, but when he inadvertently my colleagues know that after the news of the death, the emotional pain swept, he recalled that night he dreamed of each other "I send him to the airport, he told me the flight time in the dream. It is a memorial service for the time that wake up in such a complex mood, he in September 11th of that year in the micro-blog Memorial colleague wrote: "must be happy to go." At the convalescent period, Hu Ge often at night as a nightmare, there is the night of the accident scene in the dream, he is helpless and depressed with don’t want to be an actor’s idea, after 10 months of rehabilitation, return to the "legend" crew, but he was unable to adapt to the director of photography focus on his looks and often woke in the night "I feel really not good, he does not belong to this stage, why come back? But I can not go, not sorry so many waited for my people ", the state is at a low ebb let him muddle along without any aim. Until 2014, Hu Ge took the "Nirvana in Fire", in 3 days into the crew before can’t sleep all night because of his anxiety, but on the day after the shooting he took a script on the lines of "if I survive, will not live in vain", seems to be an actor with a new thought. In 2016 this year, the traffic accident is just over 10 years, the world is sure that his acting and then fade the scar on the face, but his mood has changed, in 2015 he won as the emperor no longer repeatedly questioned the value of their own, just as "Nirvana in Fire" in the line "I survived it will not be in vain". [edit: Tang and so on] more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: