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Shanghai married the average total spent over 200 thousand yuan on average 20 of the original title: Wedding Table report: Shanghai marriage average total spend over 200 thousand yuan on average 20 wedding table according to the "Labor News" reported yesterday, the third married beauty group comments high-end industry summit held in Shanghai, more than 300 businesses to discuss the wedding industry’s top "new normal" the wedding industry development trend. The group comments issued at the same time "2016 wedding industry blue book" shows that the average marriage Shanghai consumers spend over 200 thousand yuan, compared to the national average of more than doubled. The three or four line of the city into a new growth point of the United States Mission review senior vice president Jiang Yueping at the meeting pointed out that the development of China economy and the Internet has entered the second half, the explosive growth of the demographic dividend brought no longer, the wedding industry is no exception. The report shows that, according to the data of China’s birth and marriage age estimates, in the next five years, the overall decline in the population of married people. According to the annual population data and the marriage age distribution of the comprehensive analysis, in 2015 the marriage population of about 12 million pairs, to 2020, this figure will decline to below 10 million pairs. In the overall marriage population, Beijing, Shanghai, where the proportion of declining trend, the proportion of three or four line users has increased. Beijing, Shanghai, the city’s marriage market tends to saturation, the average number of businesses covering only 20 users. And Henan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi has great potential for development, a large number of married people and insufficient supply of businesses. In addition, Sichuan, Hebei, Hunan, Anhui, Chongqing and other regions of the market scale is considerable. Table 20 the average number of wedding tables in Shanghai although the marriage population will continue to decline, but the total consumption of marriage is on the rise. The blue book shows, wedding photography, wedding rings and wedding jewelry has become a "marriage standard", more than 80% of users will choose to marry the three, followed by the wedding and wedding dress, each with an average of 58% and 42% of users will choose. The influence of the traditional wine culture Chinese, wedding consumption has become "the most big wedding", accounted for more than 65% of the overall cost, followed by the rest of the wedding, wedding rings and wedding photography, wedding dress had the lowest percentage. In the case of Shanghai, the United States Mission review general manager of marriage division Yang Feng told reporters, Shanghai consumers in the wedding "one-stop" on the average total cost of more than 200 thousand yuan, compared to the national average of more than doubled, and this figure is the three or four line of the city’s gap is more obvious. Among them, Shanghai consumers in the wedding company spend an average of 20 thousand yuan; the average amount spent in wedding jewelry, wedding dresses and wedding photography is about 5000 yuan on average total number; the wedding table is about 20 in the table, the average price of 7000-8000 yuan. Users are increasingly valued brand in addition, with 85, 90 has become mainstream demand for personalized wedding wedding, users are also increasing, more and more users from the traditional leasing dress tailored for; and in the pan wedding industry, in addition to the portrait and make-up category search keywords to maintain an upward trend, according to people’s daily, passport to ya相关的主题文章: