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Employees frequently reflect why pay brokerage brokerage denied sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu a pay cut? The broker said did not drop, the staff said less number of brokerage "frozen human" not only the securities reporter Hu Chunchun "brokerage is reduced not pay cut, this problem has become a conundrum. On the one hand, the brokerage semi annual report disclosed in the first half total amount of salaries is up sharply down, on the other hand, the broker through various media channels shouted loudly to deny the existence of a matter. Yesterday, the securities reporter linked to a number of brokerage frontline staff, a detailed understanding of the past 8 months, the changes in the brokerage salary. Key words: improve the assessment criteria, securities reporter noted that the most important word mentioned in the interview brokerage staff is this year, the company increased the assessment criteria". According to the brokerage staff information to incomplete statistics, since the beginning of this year to improve the assessment criteria including Founder Securities, Huatai Securities, China Merchants Securities, GF Securities, securities, the Milky Way securities and Huaan securities and other dozens of securities companies, if you count secretly disguised provided nuclear standards may be more college entrance examination. Improve the evaluation criteria of the broker, the most likely concern is founder securities. It is reported that the founder securities issued to employees to start "on the organizational efficiency project notice", many employees said the core file is by improving the assessment standards, to achieve the purpose of pay cuts and layoffs. For the doubts, the brokerage is surprisingly consistent caliber, have denied a pay cut layoffs argument. There are brokers in the acceptance of the securities reporter, said the new assessment approach is to enhance the marketing staff business ability." Key words: two kinds of reasons for the low wages in the "raise the standard of assessment" on the understanding of the problem, the company has a company’s perspective, the interests of employees with employees N. But in any case, the reality is that employees, especially the brokerage department staff, to get the money is really less, and not a little less. The business department staff who declined to name the "securities broker told reporters", in accordance with their new rules, the beginning of the second half, not only the Commission headquarters there to make a discount, the business department here have a discount. Said that at the end of the task will be completed in accordance with the situation to supply us, but the reality is to complete the task is too difficult to determine the amount of money, and now can get the basic salary, thank god." Securities reporter survey realized that this year, the brokerage staff to reduce wages, there are many reasons. Including the most typical: some firms indeed in some brokerage commission compression standards; labor costs are too high, the fundamental purpose is to layoffs, then cut down or in total compensation; the market is not good, the transaction amount can not go all natural Commission is not high; customers, especially large customers in new situation is not optimistic, brokerage business in the customer more and more difficult to expand. Key words: frozen human resources, only out of the need to mention is that at least three brokers interviewed frontline staff to the securities reporter referred to freeze human this word. On the other相关的主题文章: