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I lost my son’s personal experience, every parents are going to take a good look at the Sohu, Chinese People’s Public Security University professor Wang Dawei maternal oral education law, the following is a professor of Chinese People’s Public Security University Wang Dawei oral experience today, Professor Wang talked about things that happen to us is still not by a cold sweat. Professor Wang is a famous crime prevention experts, doctoral education law, to prevent his children abducted cheated Raiders, how to quickly find the lost child experience is very useful for parents. When my son was small, I went abroad to study, but I didn’t have much to do with my children. Son at the age of 3, I took him to the park to play inside a day, let him go there a place, said: "sweet ah, I am here to memorize words of a foreign language, you run a run for 5 minutes, you come back to me at once." My son said, "good." "Stomp", he ran a lap back, report: "Dad, I come back." I said, "well, run again." He ran around again and said, "Dad, I’m back." I said, "well, you run again." I have to memorize those English words, and I have to look after him. My son didn’t come back for third laps. I was more than and 30 years old, I realized, oh, son may get lost. The sky is getting dark, in the park, everywhere is the road, how should this do? Have you ever lost your son? The first reaction is: no lost son mouth spittle is bitter. You are nervous, mouth does not secrete saliva, and then you can not stop thinking about the distance: "how do I tell my wife ah? 20 years later, where is my son?" What would you do if you were me? Some people say that the police. But now I’m telling you, it’s not the right time to call the police. If you find the lost child, there are following the three strategies. First recruit, broadcast. I immediately went to a park next to the University, please broadcast the radio to help me, the results of the broadcast. My son’s name is sweet. But remember, when the broadcast can not be broadcast, you can not say, "my son is called sweet, big eyes, long can be beautiful, love to speak", so the broadcast useless. You see your son is big eyes, others see your son may be small eyes. How to broadcast it? You must say what’s the name of the child, wearing what clothes, wearing what clothes, there are a few tiger teeth, which have a scar, single or double eyelids, and you have to say specific features. You can’t say pretty cute, but also love to talk, there is no use, which parents do not feel lovely children. First: I spent twenty or thirty minutes on the radio, but it didn’t work. Second strokes: Ten four day chase immediately dark, and after half an hour there was no movement, I had 10 students, I said: "you give me up the four corners of the world in four directions, while two." I have a neighbor, who lives on the first floor. One day she drink milk at home, drinking drinking, nipple floor. She took the little girl aside and said: "you don’t move ah, I go back to you wash the nipple." Grandma washing a pacifier back, found a child相关的主题文章: