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Female teachers "arrest" for remittance letter is still not stopped by trap (Figure) – Beijing northeast news network September 18th liar careful layout three or four hours, when I was about to succeed, the police found, overnight call to the police to vent their anger if you suddenly received a "People’s Republic of China Procuratorate approved the arrest of criminal execution of the Ministry of public security" the book and the book "," freezing control execution above and your photos, full name, ID number, you will not be in a panic for gospel truth? Recently, female teachers in a middle school in Daqing city in Lindian County Yang received this kind of a book "the arrest". When she stepped into the other side of the trap, ready to transfer, was Daqing County Public Security Bureau network security brigade police intercepted. So, how to Yang cheated? How is the police expose fraud? Crooks sent fake arrest book. The 1 sense is involved in "money laundering case" she was arrested at noon on September 11th, Procuratorate approved the arrest of a "criminal enforcement and freeze control execution book" sent to the Lindian county middle school teacher Yang on the mobile phone, the dispatching unit is the "Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate", printed with one inch photos, Yang full name, ID number and other personal details. Yang Meng! Because she had a morning connecting a few strange phone. The general content is: in the book "Yang for open and commercial bank account, and to Wang Liang illegal money laundering case, according to the Beijing City Public Security Bureau in Pinggu are designated evidence of alleged violation of article 191st of the criminal law, illegal money laundering, a huge amount, the circumstances are serious. The people’s procuratorate according to the provisions of the criminal procedure law, shall be approved the arrest, the hospital will be ordered to custody. "When I first got the phone, I didn’t have a letter, but I got more and more evidence." Yu Yang said that in the morning, she received a phone call, the person claiming to be postal courier staff. "I have a message, when I asked him what he said is a message, a China Merchants Bank credit card, overdraft ten thousand yuan, want to know how you can call the 010-114 query, Beijing City Public Security Bureau in Pinggu." He did not apply for a China Merchants Bank credit card, overdraft ten thousand yuan how? Yang dial the phone, the person claiming to be a police, told Yang Lindian a bank president Wang Liang suspected of money laundering from 3 million yuan, she got 365 thousand yuan interest. Vigilance is high in Yang did not believe each other’s words, but, the other party also provides a public security department chief telephone, also confirmed the matter, and let her contact a prosecutor. The attorney general also said that they were in the process of investigation, found that Wang Liang has to delete the money laundering video, so Yang may be sentenced to felony, or even the death penalty. During this period, the other has no mention of remittance requirements, just repeatedly asked Yang several bank cards, card number and other information balance. See Yang or to give her the other half believe and half doubt, pass a Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate issued the "criminal enforcement approved the arrest and freezing control execution book", and asked yang to report accounts)相关的主题文章: