Shiver! Just looking for the best nail free ice and snow this year

Shiver! Just for this year without snow: the best nail fetal lead if you don’t understand Finnish, when you get to the 300 kilometers north of the Arctic circle where nobody can understand the landmark. But there is one we understand, but also attracted our attention: read from Russia’s Murmansk and 303 km, let us realize what to the north of the place. Murmansk is an ice free Arctic Ocean, now called the cold war relics – between it and the former Soviet submarine force relationship with the United States is equivalent to the Cape Canaveral space flight. Now, the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy occasionally parked nearby. (source: Metropolis) public concern number are cavity tune ", see more wonderful original content! Soon after, there was a road sign we could read on our left: "Test World Oy" (Oy test world). Oy! Yeah Oh! Oh yeah, we’re here to test the winter tyres. Murmansk can only wait. We have a cold war to resolve. The Mellatracks test site of the world company is a test site that provides a natural snow environment throughout the year, while many other test runs are made of artificial snow. In the winter months, the operation is the same as in other trials, but the use of frozen rivers and snow fields has replaced the concrete or asphalt pavement in the more modest venues. The annual spring test, the world will be collected and stored in the natural snow, two building, pressed into the snow about 0.6 meters thick, indoor test for snow in a year’s time. We came to this at the end of the summer is like the oversized refrigerator indoor test sites, the purpose is to let readers just read this article in the previous winter, we provide a reference for selection of winter tires. No. 1 indoor area is a 160 meters long, 16 meters wide strip building, like a beam column structure of the barn, but filled with snow, with the middle of a straight ice, the ice at any time with the ice mill grinding formation. 2 indoor area is a long 800 meters, width of 2.7 meters of irregular ring road. Two buildings have cooling systems on the ground. On the day we went to the test, the indoor thermometer was -11, and the unit was about 12 degrees fahrenheit. The highest speed in the 1 indoor area is relatively low: the test of snow and ice on the surface is from a distance of 18 miles (29 km) and a distance of 16 miles (26 km) to a distance of up to 3 miles (5 km). Accelerated testing is the opposite. Get rid of the early part of the 3 static acceleration and braking for the end of the 3 mph miles per hour to the stationary part is in a low friction surface to practice low speed test performance, to eliminate the impact of the performance difference between driver and ABS’s action. However, indoor area 2 is a real playground. From the air, it looks like a very large, very thick peanut shell. Here the snow speed limit is 45 miles (72 km) hours, does not seem to be fast, but you will feel like a dry road.相关的主题文章: