Beijing, Tianjin and cross regional labor dispute coordination 特命战队go busters

Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative processing of cross regional labor dispute – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Dai Lili) "on the co work opinion" Tianjin labor dispute recently signed, three to implement the "Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development plan" requirements, the cooperative processing of Beijing Tianjin Hebei regional labor dispute cases. "Opinions" to determine, three will be set up in Beijing Tianjin Hebei labor dispute handling work coordination group, organized every year 2 to 3 times the case briefing or seminar in the study area, labor dispute mediation and arbitration law, apply a unified scale, case handling standard treatment, cross regional difficult cases. Three to establish inter regional labor and personnel disputes in place to deal with the timely resolution mechanism. Labor and personnel dispute case of the labor contract and the employer is located across the region, priority by the arbitration institutions to fulfill the labor contract; for the same generation the employer’s labor dispute arbitration institution, part of the employee to apply for arbitration to the labor contract, laborer part arbitration institution for arbitration. To the employer, arbitration institutions involved should be timely communication, joint research, unified case basis and applicable law of scale, ensure the case processing standards. "Opinions" signed, effectively solve the tianjin inter regional labor and personnel dispute case processing, a scale investigation and other difficult issues, to better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of laborers legitimate employment, the employer provides the basis for maintaining harmonious and stable labor relations.相关的主题文章: