He Jie new song, imma do me on the line turned hip-hop sister 残清1864

He Jie song "Imma DO ME" on the line turned sister > > hip hop; > He Jie Remix "Imma ME" DO Sina entertainment news the day before, just after the Beijing Workers Stadium "against stubborn" concert of He Jie [micro-blog], once again joined the music producer Kong Lingqi tailored for the song "Imma DO ME" I am going to do me. New song, He Jie challenge a large number of RAP, bold breakthrough from content to form, to subvert the woman some good". November 16th, the new song has been online. Hip hop style singing addiction   the song in the music producer Kong Lingqi He Jie teamed up again in the end, the hip hop genre. "Imma DO ME" in the He Jie challenge of RAP, English with French lyrics, a large number of fashion street style of singing and did not let her stop, but He Jie never tried a singing heart addiction, black girl instantly leads. In addition, the song "Imma DO ME" RAP – independent self attitude is very strong, but He Jie cleverly use dia sound singing, both contrast will not only increase the difficulty, more clever sparks burst out. As the lyrics are written "Hey girls, Im talking to you… Live for yourself, don’t do the prisoners, life without a spectrum, you are not a puppet, do not be at the mercy of love they are brainwashed, listened to escape, never admit defeat, not according to your routine cuz I make the Rules ", with He Jie clear playful voice, smell and hip-hop but, at the same time contains life philosophy. The subversion of "good" from the "visual" to "stubborn against Take It", He Jie hope through the song to tell women, brave to do their own, yes – my life is king. The third song "Imma DO ME" wave He Jie is no longer the old framework restrictions, adding many international elements, music and fashion sense, while the song will be the most true, most of their attitude in music release. The woman’s attitude to life. He Jie admitted to the woman’s attitude towards life should be brave to face, but also brave to change their own, do not always strive to do a good woman in the eyes of society. The new song "Imma DO ME" will be a comprehensive "life is to live for themselves, should not be too concerned about other people’s vision, because you are the author of their own lives, their protagonist." Attitude into the song, which is also the hope that He Jie can use their own strength, to wake up more female friends brave to do their own. In November 16th, the song "Imma DO ME" has been online. (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: