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A fraction of the cost of money profits several times the net sales of fake stamps discount stamps forged serious ^ Feng Tao seized, as proof of identification for Feng Tao identification issued by the agency in Qianlong – France late joint report of the special commemorative stamps and (reporter Zhang Li Intern       Wang Jing Jing) 8 yuan face value of stamps sold only 1.89 yuan, the nominal value of 2 yuan to spend 1.05 yuan to buy, this discount stamps in a large number of online sales, some stores can sell more than 6 thousand pieces a month. But some people use the attached postage stamps, found by the post office printing version and the real ticket does not match, after professional institutions identified as fake tickets. "Legal Evening News" reporters on the Internet to buy a 62 discount stamps, identified 38 pieces of fake tickets, and special stamps to commemorate. Chinese postal Fengtai branch supervision and security department manager Feng Tao said that this year he has found the value of more than 10 yuan of fake fraud costs only a few cents profit, at least tens of times". Reporters found that the store sales discount stamps   monthly sales of more than 6000 pieces subsequently, the reporter in the Taobao search directly discount stamps to find about 5000 goods. Found after sorting in accordance with the sales, some stores monthly sales discount stamps more than 6 thousand. The reporter asked the highest sales of top sellers, a Shanghai seller told reporters that they can guarantee the quality of stamps is true and can be mailed items in the store, the reporter spent 23 yuan to buy the original price should be 40 yuan stamps. A Hangzhou seller said they stamp directly on the stamps to get the goods, every city has the stamp market, we are the formal channels of purchase, must be mailed items." The seller told reporters that there are security codes on their stamps. A Beijing stamp shop customer service said that their stamps are from the postal system, and that must be mailed. Reporters asked why the price is so cheap, the seller said that because it is a special offer, are doing promotions. Reporters saw the selection of 3 stores selling discount stamps, each set of stamps in the monthly sales of between 761 to 6913 sets, each shop stamps in the range of tens to hundreds of species. In the seller’s shop comments, the majority of buyers said that the stamp is cheaper and more species, but there are buyers reflect the existence of postage stamps can not send things. One seller in reply to the buyer stressed that the authenticity of stamps can go to the post office to verify. Professional identification inspection 62 gold stamps   online shopping; 38 of them is fake "Legal Evening News" reporter (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) buy a 62 discount stamps in the three shop, to stamp China identification room Postal Stamp Museum and Beijing Beijing Antuo Puwen Book Judicial Identification Center for the authentication of stamps. The submission of the 62 stamps, after identification of 38 pieces of fake tickets, including Memorial and special ticket majority, a total of 28, there are 10 pieces of personalized stamps, store has a different number of fake stamps. According to the Fengtai branch of China Post supervision and security department administrator Feng Tao introduction, the identification of stamps is very important相关的主题文章: