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Many underground enterprise wage guidelines will be lowered wages? 11 provinces announced corporate wage guidelines, the majority of the region, the benchmark line down to more than 10% of the underground enterprise wage guidelines to release what signals? Some experts said, should not be cut down as wage costs, cost reduction still need from the tax system, trading more as the day before, Hebei Provincial Department of human resources and social wage guidelines issued in 2016, the average wage of workers currency growth line (warning line) 13%, midline (baseline 8%, the lower limit is 3%). Reporters combed found that since August, the country has 11 provinces in 2016 announced a strong corporate wage guidelines, in addition to Beijing to raise wages on the outside of the guide line, the rest of the other flat or down. Corporate wage guidelines have been seen as a barometer of the local economy and wage levels". This year, this barometer has emerged in the new changes: the number of corporate wage guidelines in the baseline to bid farewell to the previous general high growth rate of more than 10%, a downward trend. What impact will this new change have on employees, enterprises and even the national economy? What are the signals that are transferred from the underground wage guidelines? Wage guidelines and the economic slowdown in line with the so-called corporate wage guidelines, the local government in accordance with the current economic development goals, the annual wage growth to the community’s recommendations. Specifically, the enterprise wage guidance line is divided into three lines, baseline and offline. Where the line is also known as the warning line". A person in charge of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of human resources and social, told reporters: Although the enterprise wage guidelines do not have mandatory binding, but is still very useful. It is a reference basis for enterprise and employee wages, and the actual situation of the annual wage growth is basically the same." Shenzhen, a number of manufacturing companies, said the person in charge, they will be very concerned about the social sector released two sets of data, a group is the minimum wage, a group of corporate wage guidelines. This is the basis for higher wages, workers will also focus on these two sets of data." This year, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Jiangxi and Xinjiang 11 announced in the enterprise wage guidelines, the vast majority of the provinces of the "line" and "baseline" were cut, and "line" in Beijing on the 0.5%, the rest flat or down. From the specific circumstances of the provinces and municipalities, the 11 provinces and municipalities, Tianjin’s "line" and "baseline" highest, reaching 16% and 9%, respectively. In contrast, Shanxi’s corporate wage guidance line in the 11 provinces and cities in the largest decline, reaching 7%. This is also echoed with the economic development of the two places. Data show that in the first half, Tianjin’s GDP growth of 9.2%, while Shanxi’s GDP grew by only $3.4%. Expert analysis, with the economic slowdown to adapt, wages have also entered the stage of slowdown, which is an important indicator of this round of underground wage guidelines to pass out. Wage guidelines decline does not mean that wages decline reporter noted that, after this reduction, the 11 provinces and municipalities of the enterprise wage guidelines of the baseline line all fell.相关的主题文章: