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LG G6 supports the Note7 scheme is better than iris recognition – Sohu [news] China digital mobile phone after the news, due to less than expected market reaction using LG G5 module design, LG will abandon the use of "Friends" module of the system in the next generation of flagship G6, but LG G6 will use the iris recognition function. To strengthen the competitiveness. According to South Korean media said, LG’s materials and components company LG Innotek has been in the development of related hardware to the next generation of flagship equipment. Allegedly, LG technology with Note7 iris recognition is somewhat different, Samsung placed a self timer camera and another exclusive for iris recognition camera. The LG G6 will combine these two separate camera modules, through a filter to achieve two different functions. As we all know, the mobile phone in the pursuit of thinness, and greater endurance, this volume camera module with integrated solutions will be smaller, only 0.36 cubic centimeters, if separated words, volume will reach 0.47 cubic centimeter. The LG program will free up more space for the already crowded cell phone. However, we must also recognize that the current core configuration information about LG G6 is not much, we do not even know the specific specifications of the camera. It is expected that with the advent of spring, there will be more LG G6 outflow of information.相关的主题文章: