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Real estate investment growth in August the end of the three-day losing streak around the property will continue to differentiate the Sohu finance in unpublished data before August, real estate investment growth of how many people have the attention. The data from the graphical point of view, since the beginning of January this year, has been close to zero growth in real estate investment cumulative growth rate data began to force, rising in a straight line shape, but the April data ascribed to 7.2%, began to slow down, 6.2% 6, 7 growth rate in March less than two months. But this wave of investment growth of losing streak in August draw on the end. Data released in September 13th, 1~8 months, the national real estate development investment 64387 yuan, an increase of nominal growth of 5.4%, the growth rate increased by percentage points higher than in 1~ in July. Shanghai E-House Real Estate Institute think tank director Yan Yuejin told the "daily economic news" reporter, behind this housing prices and positive to inventory after relatively abundant capital relationship, to a certain extent also reflects the real estate enterprises for the future market is still more recognized. August – before the real estate investment growth stabilized status of real estate in China economic operation has no need to repeat, attention will naturally be higher. September 13th, the National Bureau of statistics held a press conference, there are two questions directly against the property market data. State Statistical Bureau spokesman Sheng Laiyun said that the real estate is very important industry, is the first national economy contribution rate is relatively high, and the associated effect is relatively large, is linked to like raw materials such as steel and cement, is linked to the vehicle, even the decoration appliance industry. Housing relations with thousands of households, the relationship between the quality of life of all aspects of people’s livelihood. We are also very concerned about the development of the real estate market, both hope that the economy can play a stable role in promoting, but also reflects the improvement of people’s livelihood, so that residents can benefit." The data of August can carry Sheng Yun’s expectations, the overall performance is good, especially the investment growth stopped in three consecutive months of decline. Yan Yuejin said that in the past few months showed a downward trend, but also caused concern in the industry, strong investment in real estate investment strength weakened. However, the data from the 1~8 month, this indicator began to stabilize, generally stay at about 5% of the level, so that the level of investment in line with expectations. Market participants generally believe that the ease of the financial situation is the main reason for developers to invest in increased. Changjiang Securities data selection 140 listed, the first half of the year and sales of goods and services received cash amounted to 667 billion 455 million yuan, an increase of 56.47%; pre receivable 1 trillion and 80 billion yuan, an increase of 33.54%. Guotai Junan research report also said that the August monthly investment growth rate reached 6.2% in August last year, investment growth continued to be negative, in the low base last year, is expected to the first half of the growth rate of investment will maintain a high level this year. The housing stock dropped to 6 months compared with the investment data, although the end market sales growth fell slightly, but still maintain strong momentum. Data show that 1~8 months, home sales area of 874 million 510 thousand square meters, an increase of 25.相关的主题文章: