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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual Chinese Pinyin learning in children’s learning and usually counselling of parents, some parents and teachers of the phonetic counseling together is not the same. In order to achieve the purpose of family education, Xiao Bian will be some of the difficulties in the Chinese pinyin to do a summary of the classification, we hope to inspire, help. The most important of the 1 Chinese phonetic alphabet in 23 consonants, 24 vowels and 16 whole syllables for children to everyone will be back, everyone can write and will disrupt the order of dictation. As for the three parts which contains the place is not easy to understand, one by one. The 23 initials: B P M f d t n l K H J Q x? Zh ch sh r Z c s y w zh ch sh r which is also called retroflex retroflex; Z C S is a flat tongue. The 24 consonants can be divided into: 6: o e I single vowel? U ü 9: I EI UI compound vowel?? o Ou IU ie ü E Er Er is a special compound vowel, consonant syllables with other components, since only a syllable. 9 nasal vowels: (including 5 vowels, 4 nose after nasal vowels)? N en in UN ü n (5 former biyunmu)? N? En? In? On? (4 after the 16 nasal vowels) whole syllables: Zhi Chi Shi RI Zi CI I Yi Wu Yu Ye Yue yuyinyun Ying is one of the most easily wrong the whole syllables "Ye," the students easy to write "yie". Need to focus on memory. 2 syllable tone plus position: remember is the second syllable tone and position of students to the wrong tone marked songs, so just remember songs can avoid tone mark. Song: don’t pass, no?? o i u for e, marked on the side by side, single vowels alone. Among them, students are most prone to error is IU and UI compound vowel tone mark. Three, and finally, the most difficult place for children to remember, that is, small ü and J Q x spelling rules when you go to the point. Parents need to continue to strengthen counseling at home. In order to strengthen the memory, also wrote songs for children, the content is: small ü ü see J, polite Q, X and Y Q X and y the J and u together, never on the Pinyin teaching, we mostly through interesting songs, stories and other forms to explain the child. But because the time is short, the content is much, the child draws相关的主题文章: