Man convicted of killing his ex-wife out of the courtroom quarrel bitterly in Beijing Times 乃々果花

Man convicted of killing his ex-wife out of the courtroom repeatedly quarrel cry – Beijing trivia spat man runaway killed his ex-wife after the attack to surrender trial regret since slapped a 37 year old man could turn penne (see photo) from home to Beijing, and specially chosen to work in the same building. In a hotel, claiming to think ex-wife was derailed, emotion will strangle her and hide the body under the mattress, after the surrender. The day before yesterday morning, penne bear was charged with manslaughter in the second city court trial, crying with hand face remorse. Because of a trivial quarrel killed his ex-wife penne can primary school culture, before the incident is a Fasthotel in the city’s security. It is alleged that in March 21st this year, 23 am, penne forbearance in the Beijing West Railway Station North Square in a hotel room, because of a trivial and 37 year old ex-wife pangmou altercation, after the hand grip each other’s neck, causing his death. The next day, penne I surrendered to the police. Penne could confessed that he and Pang was introduced in 2001 to get married, fathered a child and a woman. After marriage two people’s feelings have been not very good, the other side of the perennial work outside the home before the new year. In August 2014, pangmou to pick cotton in Xinjiang, go home after three months and a fellow Henan had an affair. "I was so angry that I beat her two times, but I didn’t have a hard time." Since then, Pang ran away from home. I heard the other penne work in a hotel in Beijing, Beijing will find her. Get along with a month or quarrel constantly, the two followed by a divorce procedure. Afterwards, the thought of two young children, but also regret penne. In February this year, he took two children to Beijing to find Pang, but the other did not promise. In order to persuade his ex-wife, and other units can penne in a hotel in the same building to find a job, usually their living in the dormitory. "We do not contact more, in addition to turn formalities, and other couples had no two." The courtroom crying several times penne Ren said that the day of the incident, two people walk around the park, in a hotel to open the room and have sex. At 11 in the evening, pang to go back to the dorm to sleep, said he would not go back to colleagues joke. Penne couldn’t agree, forcibly pulled her onto the bed, to hug her to watch tv. "She didn’t want me to put my arms around her, and I asked why, she said she was happy to let someone else. She asked me why I asked for a divorce." "You don’t know what to do?" I think the so-called penne derailed suddenly feeling out of control. He rode in the pangmou body, both hands tightly grabbed each other’s neck for six or seven minutes. Pangmou fierce struggle, penne’s face was scratched but. Two packs of cigarettes, penne could hide the body to the hotel room under the mattress. The next day at half past two in the morning, he left the room, after wandering aimlessly in the street. At this point, penne could surrender. When the bailiff show photographs of the scene, he cried constantly with penne, hand pump face, after the bailiffs stop, the judge reminded the emotional control. Subsequently, he has been buried in the head, crying. Prosecutors for surrender may be given a lighter prosecutor said the defendant means bad and no rescue after charnel, which belongs to the direct intentional homicide. Regardless of the victim was derailed相关的主题文章: