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Basque vineyard of Chile wine tour | Rafi Rothschild Barkis winery – Sohu tourism in Chile was Wine family group of world famous in 1988: Rafi Rothschild took over the group, the group owns the world-famous Lafite Rothschild Castle (Châ teau Lafite Rothschild, commonly known as the Rafi Rothschild treasure (Carruades Lafite big) and de Lafite, commonly known as Carruades de Lafite). Wine. The acquisition of Basque vineyards, to commemorate the history of reclamation cultivated ancestors here, orchard named Basque vineyards, the winery currently has a land area of 2200 hectares, 220 hectares of vineyard planting area. Basque vineyard is located 200 km southwest of Santiago, located in the south of 34° 30, "West 71° 30 ‘, 40 kilometers from the Pacific ocean. Area of 640 hectares, is the largest melon Central Valley Vineyard, located at the foot of the mountain tanzi. From the beginning of the establishment of the winery, we always uphold: "I hope to become a pioneer of wine industry in Chile this land, to the best interpretation of brewing wine culture of chile." The concept of brewing, so with the precipitation of the years, with the local flavor of wine here is increasingly perfect. Thanks to the terroir: richly endowed by nature near the Pacific, soil conditions, sunshine and adequate water resources, rare frost. At an altitude of 130 meters on the slopes, the nearest distance of the Pacific is only 40 kilometers, semi dry soil and so on, provides an ideal natural environment for the Barkis winery creating unique flavor wines. As the largest melon Central Valley Vineyard, Basque Tanzi vineyard is located at the foot of the mountain, clay sand and weathered granite sand soil provides a good variety of grape varieties for Sauvignon vineyard, Basque winery and Chardonnay grapes with long Wine along the Pacific coast from the climate is cool and the foothills of the Andes. In the vineyard, some of the vines are 15 years old, the rest are 40-50 years old, and the oldest vines are already under the age of 60. In order to achieve the best quality of grapes, grape cultivation using traditional technology, with good brewing and high standard selection, winemaking team inherited La Feross Chai Er wine concept and focus on the spirit of not sticking to formalities, showing the unique charm of Chile’s top Wine, Basque vineyards annually produced wine are the perfect interpretation of the excellent Chile fengtu. In order to achieve the best quality of the grape, the drip irrigation technology and the green picking process, which are suitable for the strict water requirement of grape, are also applied in the land with this demand. Believe that quality begins in the vineyard, which is endemic to Wine faithful expression; it is based on this concept, Basque vineyard has always been committed to produce elegant, rich connotation and reflect the climate, soil and wine. Every detail from wine to wine depends on the nature and the brewing techniques that ultimately make the wine so fascinating. Wine recommended LE DIX D相关的主题文章: